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  1. Oh and then let me guess "hit em where it hurts" right in their wallet!"
  2. Thats just it though. Theres no funeral for a peaceful protest! What is so difficult to understand?
  3. If you won't go to a protest because you're honestly afraid to go to prison but won't do anything about it while simultaneously calling yourself an patriot/ a militiaman then there is something seriously wrong with that picture.
  4. So youre telling me that you think Antifa wants to show up, start opening fire on cops, get themselves turned in to Swiss cheese allllll to make patriots look bad?
  5. Who is going to kill you or arrest you for protesting? Do you realize how absurd that sounds?
  6. Yeah if you can't go without having sense enough to know what you're getting yourself in to and can't keep a cool head then definitely don't go but we have go stand up NOW
  7. Yall are high off your asses if you think you, your kids or their kids will live to see the day that we're not demonized. Yall just really don't get it. Yall keep ushering in change (not) on the keyboard.
  8. Thank you for posting that. Not once did I say go starting trouble, I said the same thing trump is asking for which is a peaceful protest.
  9. So you claim to be a militiaman but wont be active because you're afraid of being called extreme? Lol we call those people keyboard warriors where I come from. Ive watched you talk a big game about yourself in chat over the past week with your sly emojis and your background blah blah blah but now that its go time its another story. Smdh.
  10. From what im seeing from most "patriots" (and im using that term VERY loosley) is that these armed protests are a trap and to not attend them. What a crock of shit that is. Let it be a trap who cares?! You have every right to protest and every right to be armed. I seen another blowhard on this site say "it doesnt help our cause by going". Yeah dude youre full of shit because it TRASHES our cause by NOT going. You cant be arrested or killed for peacefully protesting. GO PROTEST AND BE HEARD. Do not by any definition be violent but we CANNOT be silent. Any of you chicken Shits that don't go shou
  11. That sums it up lol bunch of keyboard warrior blowhards on this site

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