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  1. I've built almost every firearm I own. Ar15 223wylde ar15 458 socom Remington 7mm mag, Mossberg 500 police tactical, and a Smith and Wesson m &p 9 first generation. There's several others I don't want to list on here. Lol they go kafreakinboom and will reach out and touch someone
  2. I should reword that. The site manager that's not my boss.. lol the company owner is who I awnser to and he said anytime u need off early go for it. I'm golden I'll be there
  3. Oh I'll be there. Lol I'll be taking off round 11 or 11:30. Boss man don't know it yet. Ha ha ha ha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. I'll be there by myself. Might be there round 1 depending on what time I can buzz outta work
  5. What time will we be meeting??
  6. I enjoyed the meet and greet folks. Great meeting with y'all. I have a feeling that we r gonna do great things with the group we have and skillset we have combined. Lots to learn from each other. Can't wait for the next meeting!!
  7. I'll have my 7 year old daughter with me. Babysitter cancelled this afternoon
  8. I'll have a duct tape name tag on my work shirt that says hello my name is threeper along with a tan agritrails co-op hat that's filthy with dirt
  9. So far I'm bringing just me and the pew that lives in my truck in darkness
  10. I'll be there. White 4 door GMC with a skywarn spotter number sticker in the back window and a front license plate that says rogator terragator
  11. Threeper


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