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  1. It's gatekeepers like you who are holding the militia back. The people are waking up to this tyranny. These people are nuts and the dracionian laws they are passing to get rid of all our constitutional rights are being eviscerated.
  2. Why was the UN hiring gun confiscation officers? Put 2 and 2 together. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/yes-the-united-nations-is-hiring-disarmament-officers-in-new-york/
  3. We had some arrive in New York City. Why are tanks here? We need tanks to give out food?. Are people that stupid and naive?
  4. Maybe that's why the presidential seal was removed telling us the country is in distress. Militia units need to form now and I mean right now. Tanks are being rolled out all over the United States. We must defend the republic from FOREIGN and DOMESTIC enemies Of The United States of America. The enemy is inside the gates already and has been for a long time. They are using social engineering to keep you all dossel and dumbed down. Remember people there's more of us then there is more of them. That's why we are viciously being attacked by these trolls because the top elite 5% doesn't want the 5% of us awake to awaken the 90% of you still asleep. I'm calling for everyone to arms. The next AMERICAN REVOLUTION IS NOW FORMING! It's either do or die time... Don't trust the plan Q is a psyops. Only you and millions of others can change this. Sit there and you will be enslaved.
  5. Listen asshole did I say that? No you did. Watch the video before you come to your absurd conclusions.
  6. Huh? I don't know what your talking about. I didn't mention anything of the sort. So don't pull that bullshit with me!
  7. If this doesn't wake everyone up and light a fire under everyone's ass nothing will! Might as well bend over to ISRAEL because they are taking over now...
  8. Is anyone actively recruiting? I just can't believe this no one is joining or it's all being done in secret I hope! Record gun sales last month! Q is a pysops "Trust the plan and Do nothing!" We can't rely on the white hats to take the country back.
  9. Can we do some video conferencing or something so we can get to know everyone? Things are moving fast and I heard a lot of troop movement is happening. This cannot continue if everything is shut down. I'm hearing the government is telling suppliers to stop making esstential items such as bread, milk and so on. That means food storages. We need to assemble and it should of been done a long time ago.
  10. I'm here in Suffolk County standing by...
  11. Hey the government covered up The Manhattan Project they certainly can cover this up with social engineering. Group Text messaging to cover fake talking points and bombard the social media platforms with propaganda , fake news, shills, crisis actors, and trolls. I'm sure they can convience a dossel public and get away with it. Not staying this is fake but I'm pretty sure it's not as bad as the media is portraying to be which leads me to think someone more nefarious is on the horizon.
  12. This isn't a pandemic. We still have #emptyhospitals and we still haven't surpassed the flu deaths for this year and if you get the virus, like me it's only flu like symptoms depending on the strain you catch. I got it 4 times because of the different strains. Now I have antibodies in me and I'm fine. WAKE UP People we don't shut down America and the World because of this! Unless something else is going on we should make America great again by going back to normal routine functions.
  13. This is pathetic I can't form a 631 militia here on Long Island because everyone a pussy and too afraid of the local government. We have the right to assemble, Did anyone declare medical martial law yet?

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