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  1. Haven't tried the Lasagna Garden method. The raised bed method has work for us many year and produces so well, we have plenty of veggies to give to our neighbors.
  2. SOoooo... We are an armed Milita? Then WHY are we letting a tyrannical group like ANTIFA burn our country down? I don't get it. Either we ARE, or we AIN'T. If the National Guard can't stop this shit, We can, but we sit by and watch it all burn down.. Let'em try to throw a firebomb through MY window. I'll send the whole of them motherfuckers HOME. The hour has come. Southwest Illinois here.
  3. This post will sound unpatriotic to some of you. I joined this Militia a few months ago in order to stand with others to fight against tyranny. From what I'm seeing on TV, tyranny is at our doorstep. What are we going to do about it patriots? Seems to me, a lot of us just come to this forum and bitch about it. Governor Prickster is on a drunken power surge and we just let that stand? How far will the Prickster have to go before someone has to stop him and other Democrat governors? We get out in the streets and protest and wave flags and have rallies. Bullshit.... Are we STILL "We the people" or we the Sheeple? That bitch, Mayor of Chicago says, "You MUST COMPLY or you will go to jail"..... Sounds like tyranny to me. It HERE, and it's happening NOW. This militia, or any other, has no organization or communication with it's members. How much more of this bullshit will it take folks? It's GO TIME...... NOW.
  4. Still surviving here also.... Had to break down and buy me another Ruger 10-22 with a wooden stock. I had bought one about a year ago and put the Archangel furniture on it which turned it into an AR-15 in .22 caliber. I really missed my stock 10-22 and just had to buy another one. There's a reason it's the most popular gun in America.
  5. I hope everyone is stocking up on food and planting your gardens. Ya'll need to research Square foot gardening. You can grow a lot of food in a small space using this method. I use it.
  6. I agree. I'm a general class ham and have never heard of a "sticker" You are correct. The FCC stopped enforcing CB and ham radio traffic years ago. Ham radio has it's own snitches. They are call Auxiliary Observers, by the FCC. They are so called "hams" who report you for not giving you call sign every ten minutes or not having a license. If anyone transmits without a ham license, NEVER let anyone know who you are. Even your best friends will turn you in.
  7. You are on the right track. There's a lot to respond here. My wife and I are General class hams. My call sign is K9ILL and my wife is KD9ILL. Google us. There are FREE websites where you can take practice tests. www.hamexam.org is one of the better ones. You won't have the same tests all the time, they will be random. Keep track of your scores and when you get your average up to 85%... GO TAKE YOUR TEST. Your Baofeng radios will work up to 4 or 5 miles but if there are repeaters near you, you'll be able to talk county wide. I looked online and there are a lot of repeaters in Madison county. Another "MUST HAVE" website is: WWW.Repeaterbook.com. My email is [email protected] Email me and I'll give you my phone number. OBTW: If you bought your radios for a SHTF situation, you won't need a license to transmit if it's an EMERGENCY situation. I would say a SHTF would certainly be an emergency. Email me. Thanks and good luck.
  8. FYI....If you ever decide to quit listening to FAKE news, You'd find out Trump is a lifetime member of the NRA and carries a Kimber. Also, you should brush up on your 4th grade grammar. You sound like a Bernie voter. Bye, Bye Bernie.
  9. That's 265 miles from me. A little to far.
  10. I sure know where McHenry is. I'm a trucker and used to drive through there every week. LOTs of traffic and stop lights. We have some 80 degree weather coming within the next few days and There is state owned woodland close to me so I'll go out there and try to sight my AR's in. Stupid Illinois law says I can HUNT on state land but I can't SHOOT on state land. HELLO...... WTF.??
  11. I joined Illinois Sons of Liberty about three weeks ago and talked to a few members on the phone. They tried to get me to download "WhatsAPP' but the app said "Charges may apply", so I uninstalled it. They were having a weekend training session about 40 miles from me and I tried to get some information so I could attend but never heard back from them. They seem like a great bunch of people but not well organized.
  12. Because of the virus, all of the shooting ranges are closed until further notice. I have two new AR's and desperately need to get them sighted in. There's just no place near me to go shooting. I'm in Millstadt, IL (62260). If anyone has a place to shoot, or knows of a place, please let me know. Also, I'm looking for someone in my area to train with. I have some bush crafting skills and need to just get out to the woods. Thanks. Mr.Booker Illinois Sons of Liberty.

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