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  1. When, and IF, it ever got to that point I doubt that c**t would have much say.
  2. True... I'm not sure if he would be able to pull it off or not. However, when it comes to 'secession', we were that close during the time I mentioned, and the issues then aren't even close to how they are now. At that time, there was a meeting in south central Sedgwick County wherein 'standing against' the Federal Government, with the possibility of secession, being the topics. The meeting was attended by 3 State legislators, 2 county sheriff's, a few other county officials, 6 militia unit COs, with the XOs, and a few additional militia and prepper community members.
  3. Speaking of "getting worse"... In my own opinion the secession of a State, or more than one, would be a "getting worse" scenario. There has been a lot of speculation recently that Texas is talking secession. Legally they can't - not anymore. However, there was a time, during Obama's administration, that Texas, along with OK, KS, NB, ND, SD and a couple or so others were actively investigating this. As far as I know Trump has been rather active in Texas lately... Has anyone else had it cross their mind that Texas, Ft. Hood and Trump could lead
  4. Very true. All of these 'beat downs' we are constantly getting from the MSM 24/7 are done for a purpose - to break your spirt, to make you compliant. It all leads to depression, anxiety, fear and more. It will get bad, real bad. What is coming down the pike is almost unbelievable, yet we - as in our Government - has done it many times to other countries. We did it to make them compliant - to do as they are told and to do what we wanted them to do. My military training was in this field. I never really thought our government would do this to our own people - then I
  5. Bingo. They will be coming after churches in the near future. Remember a few years back when churches were told that if they continued preaching politics from the pulpit they would loose their tax exempt status? The Secular Democrats of America (SDA) are pushing - HARD - for a new policy in re tge Separation of Church and State. They have stated the โ€œrise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat.โ€ they have gone so far as to create what they call the โ€œBidenHarrisTransitionโ€ plan and Congressmen Jamie Rasking (D-MD) and Jared Huffman (D-CA) were he
  6. In the eyes of the Democrats, and the liberal left, ANITFA & BLM are not domestic terrorists, they are "peaceful protectors" - for now. It's quite evident in the way they are handled by them, as well as by the press and MSM. They are only domestic terrorists in the eyes of the conservative right. The Democrats and the liberal left view Constitutionalists, Trump, Trump followers, and the conservative right as the domestic terrorists and that they are the ones inciting riots and violence. The Democrats did not do this with ANTIFA or BLM. If you noticed, I said "for
  7. It would be interesting to know who is behind the push to have pro-Constitution, pro-conservative, pro-Trump people go to the State capitals and protest. Was it a legitimate idea based on Patriotism, or was it intended as a 'set-up', or is it one of those things where bad people want to take advantage of good? I don't think we will ever know the truth. I do agree though - STAY AWAY!! This is especially true in re militia minded people/groups. Biden and his minions are already formulating a Domestic Terrorist Law/Act. From what I'm hearing it is heavily based on Adam
  8. And yet... here is the Pope, conducting mass on January 12, Italian time. Pretty nice jail cell IMHO.
  9. Well... perhaps you should look at these as well. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/amp/news/why-is-the-internet-abuzz-with-false-claims-of-a-vatican-blackout-a-cna-explainer-39702 https://thecatholictraveler.com/blackout-at-the-vatican/ https://thecatholictraveler.com/another-blackout-at-the-vatican/ https://www.distractify.com/p/was-the-vatican-raided I guess the Catholic News Agency, and the others, could be lying...
  10. I tend to believe those I actually know who live and work in the area. There was no blackout.
  11. Based on how young they look, it could be a JROTC, maybe even an ROTC. When I was in ROTC I wasn't issued a pack at school, I had to supply my own.
  12. The Pope - vile man that he is - was not arrested; infact he made his normal Sunday appearances. There was no blackout either. All you have to do is check with those who live there or near there. As to that quick vid showing 'troops' marching along that sidewalk... can't seem to find anyone there - in DC - who knows who they are. They do not match those troops who are there.
  13. Hmmm... nothing about tge vid looks kosher in re those guys being in the military. Haven't seen a military unit with that many, nonstandard packs before, amongst other things.
  14. Are you absolutely sure those are members of the military - active, reserve or NG?

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