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  1. Not sure what makes you think I'm upset about anything.
  2. Our group doesn't have a model, we formed our own. We adopted the National Militia Standards and went from there with bylaws and such. We developed SOPs for various aspects, such as medical, those under arms, auxiliary, as well as AOs and so on. We wanted to keep everything local and form relationships only with other units within our immediate geological region. We felt it was more logical to associate ourselves, training wise and such, with local people/groups. We have limited this to a 5 county area, however, we do have a 'sister unit' outside this range in case we must leave. We have trained with them and keep tabs on each other, yet stay out of each other's hair, neither unit trieds to impose its rules and regs on the other, basically - "tow our line or leave" philosophy. Years ago we tried to organize 2 large groups, along with 2 smaller groups, into one homogeneous group covering the 5 county area - it did not work and all 4 groups disintegrated. This is the reason we will not 'join' other groups under a single 'model'. We have no problem helping others create units for their AO, but once that's done they're are independent. We will retain ties, and even train with them, but will not expect them to follow our model. A couple things we created SOPs for, that we have encouraged others to consider, are for 'assests' and 'liabilities'. Examples... some farmers/ranchers, water works, etc are assets that need to be protected, as well as specific individuals. Some liabilities would include bridges (vehicle and rail) and communications towers. We have developed lists of these assets and liabilities, with ways to deal with them as needs be. Also, we don't really allow people to join our group that don’t live within our immediate AO - about a 25 to 30 mile radius, if that (there are some exceptions though). Any bigger and you can get over extended. If their is a lone wolf out there, on the fringe of our AO, we will consider him though. However, since we are a Constitutional Militia, we will go where our State asks us to go, IF our AO does not need us.
  3. It woukd be nice if something like that were to happen, not just here in Kansas and in Kentucky, but in every state. I know I'd go. I get the significance of doing it on tge 4th, especially this one, yet - IMHO - trying to do something like this on a major holiday is about like asking for a low turnout. Still, it would be nice.
  4. I don't think it's unintended. Finally figured out, and found, the Light Foot website - http://lightfootmilitia.com/ . The site clearly states they took the unit designation from the AWRM site. Evidently the Light Foot Militia site is utilizing a bunch of the information from AWRM.
  5. Here ya go. www.awrm.net IIRC it was established shortly after 9/11, the earliest copyright they have for the site is 2001. I have been a member there since 2008. You might also want to check out their page dealing with 'National Militia Standards'; they are so well written and organized that many units adopted/adapted them for their own bylaws and standards. These were written in 2003, but there are updates. http://www.awrm.net/nms.htm
  6. I'm from Kansas; this is the first I've heard of this. Did a quick internet search and didn't find anything. It woukd definitely be interesting to see and do though! BTW - we have just under 3M in population.
  7. Umm.. no it's not. 34FF (Field Force) is a designation for the State of Kansas. Each State was assigned a number based on what number they were when they became a state. Field Forces are further broken down into Battalions which are the various counties within that state. The Battalion number is assigned based on the county number assignedby that State. The company designation is based on who organized first within a county. My little group is A Co simply because we were the 1st to organize. The FFs are also grouped into Corps along geographical areas of the country. This organization system was created in 2006 and, as far as I know, accepted across the board by the various members/units within the 'A Well Regulated Militia' network, perhaps one of the oldest and largest militia networks in the country. Forgot to mention... The organization system was developed by a gentleman in the early '00s, around '02/'03, who use to operate a militia recruiting site. It was know as the 'CMNS' - Chronological Militia Naming System.
  8. You do realize there are lightfoot units across the country and there are several within other milita sites that are not members of MM.
  9. I'm assuming you're just referring to those in Kansas and members of the MM site and KAP?
  10. We don't use FB, especially when one considers how nosey they are and how much they track your personal business. So... are you telling me that the FB Lightfoot group are the ones who decided who the brigade CO is? In all honesty... why should I check in with him?
  11. Not a lot to tell about our merry little band. We are reevaluating and rebuilding our group. Our AO is basically southern Sedgwick County and Sumner County. 'Kansas Constitutional Militia' is more of a description of the unit - the basis of all of our bylaws and such are based on Article 8: Militia, of the Kansas Constitution. https://kslib.info/834/Article-8-Militia As well as other statutes such as: Kan. Stat. § 48-241 Ordering militia into active service. Last year some of our State Reps were formulating a bill to recognize homegrown militia units such as our - the State use to (believe it or not, California recognizes and provides aid to the militia units). The key is the 'Constitutional' aspect; only those militia units that adhere to the Constitution would be recognized. Unfortunately, due to everything else going on it has gotten bogged down. Feel free to send me a PM if you have further questions.
  12. I've been a member of the 34th Field Force since about 2011. In fact, I'm the CO of A Co 191st Bn 34th FF,Kansas Constitutional Militia. To my knowledge there is nothing in any of the accepted bylaws or such making discord mandatory. Who made this mandatory? Was this voted on? Or is this just specific to KAP? What is the rest of your unit designation?
  13. Sorry, meant to quote this post as well as the other, fingers got in the way. Did you ever check out the 'Well Regulated Militia' site? http://www.awrm.net/ They have a pretty good National regional/territory set up that many of the Constitutional militias across the country already uses. It's broken down by State, County, Cities (in some cases) and so on. Example, my little group is known as: A Co 191st Bn 34th FFKansas Constitutional Militia We do have a unit name as well.

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