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  1. I am old enough and do indepth resurching on our enviromental matters. You could to know right from wrong and as honest as i should be. DtN quality air is my lifes work and i am derply concerned. about chemtrails and we all know some things are going on that is, not going to save lives. Depopulation is a sin. I thought the milita is a brave great group who respect our laws, leaders if need be of We the people? I hope this who you are. The enforcment of the laws that do protect the innocent and prevent the evil that will destroy our world. If you are. I am here at your service. If not. I will have to Pass ! Thank you Linda Why did they stop all shipments of clorox bleach from coming in. Thats our only protection..lord in heaven we will all die Prevention is all we have. I know these things and want the truth. Dont you?
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