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  1. wish there were more people from northwest indiana. theres so many near Indianapolis
  2. i know you are all ready and willing to go, iv got protest and riots all across the board in indiana, even in my home town and I say this. The northern militia is rising as we speak on here. Message [email protected] or me if you are serious about northern indiana and I will see that you have your chance here with us.
  3. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally need to make an event to meet up here in indiana, maybe a middle point for us? Then make a plan because it seems we are not very organized and are sketchy about meeting. I have no problem with a little travel as well. I will do my best to fit our schedules together so if anyone is interested in training/discussion of how to get a group together just message me and ill see what we can pull together.
  4. Remember to have some trap shot rounds handy, very effective vs drones.
  5. Your probably right 88 I can't amagine,,,I'm so discusted with all this crap ,, just plain ready to get it on,,,, don't care much how it turns out,,,I'm really getting freaking pissed about the tyrants getting away with this shit,,,even when they get caught nothing happens.. everything is corrupted ,,,constitution means nothing,,, things are falling apart real fast man.I have even tried getting in touch with my district rep,,,, LOL figured hearing from a veteran right before memorial day would get some kind of response,,,, stupid me ..

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Thanks brother

    3. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Wow that freaking tyrant murdering that American citizen in front of everyone looking at the crowd telling him he was killing that man,,,, just looked at them as so what... Then ordered pizza to his home later... WTF!!!! Has everyone had enough yet.

    4. serpent88


      nope its not enough yet, police do as they please

  6. Love to have you with us brother. The government might think you're non essential,,, to us you are very essential,,,, Time to let the tyrants know that.

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      I agree brother,,, believe me organizing and planning are moving along .. it's very hard but as a member on hear stated,,,,,,be patient,,,,,, 

    3. serpent88


      very well just keep in touch with me on here. im tryin to talk to some others near us too

    4. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      My personal email is [email protected] better line of communication. Email me anytime brother.

  7. God I hate the right vs left paradigm, they both suck
  8. everyone who signed the declaration of independence lost so much. their homes their children their wives ext. Never said any of it was pretty but its better than what they plan to do to us.
  9. Anyone willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither and he was right for saying it. People think it will be ok if they give a little but really it wont. Its better to fight back and a lot have forgotten such a thing. I dont mean to be a keyboard warrior but I at least need to give hope for a fighting chance.
  10. Either way it goes, let it be civil war in order to cover up the elites being arrested for pedo rings, blackmailing countries/people for money, the people realizing they have been taxed for so many things the founding fathers would be Spinning in their graves ext. Or the peaceful way and slowly just replacing Americans with immigrants, getting people to fight each other with social distancing, forced vaccine shots in order to have a job and killing us off slowly, lying about how many people are really dying from the virus to take away rights ext. Im not republican or democrat, I am for our Con
  11. Never thought id see the day that we have a lot of reds in this country
  12. active and lookin to join some people around me, might even travel around a bit

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