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  1. Your probably right 88 I can't amagine,,,I'm so discusted with all this crap ,, just plain ready to get it on,,,, don't care much how it turns out,,,I'm really getting freaking pissed about the tyrants getting away with this shit,,,even when they get caught nothing happens.. everything is corrupted ,,,constitution means nothing,,, things are falling apart real fast man.I have even tried getting in touch with my district rep,,,, LOL figured hearing from a veteran right before memorial day would get some kind of response,,,, stupid me ..

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Thanks brother

    3. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Wow that freaking tyrant murdering that American citizen in front of everyone looking at the crowd telling him he was killing that man,,,, just looked at them as so what... Then ordered pizza to his home later... WTF!!!! Has everyone had enough yet.

    4. serpent88


      nope its not enough yet, police do as they please

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