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  1. Since there is a new site here and I have been recruiting I guess I should introduce myself. Names Mark. I'm an avid reloader, auto technician, HAM radio operator, political antagonist and a 6 year active Army signal corps vet. I'm also the commander of Palmetto Minutemen for the south Carolina counties of Spartanburg, Chester, York, Cherokee and Union. For the rest of the state I can connect you to the right people. Long live the Republic.
  2. Hello everyone. I am the commander of 2nd Battalion palmetto minutemen. On August 20th in Spartanburg we are having a meet-n-greet that is for any and all members within the counties of Spartanburg, Chester, York, Cherokee and Union. However any individuals that have not yet had the chance to meet up with your county point of contact (POC) Can feel free to add yourself and attend, I will forward your information accordingly. Please bring something to write on/with and a fold out chair if possible along with pertinent identification such as CWP or other state ID. Some refreshments will be provided. Some non area specific subject matter will be covered such as land navigation, equipment lists and communications. Please email me for more information and address. [email protected] thank you.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm the Spartanburg county point of contact for Palmetto minutemen. We are having a meet and greet this sunday afternoon at a members home. Please contact me for more information if you would like to attend.

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