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  1. @ Grandpa Chuckie I've gotten much of the same intel from several sources saying that there are a lot of victims being rescued from trafficking right now, (those for which the USNS Mercy is docked) and some arrests happening. I hope and pray to God they clean house in the government, CPS, and religious sectors while they're at it! Thank you for the additional heads-up, for sure. For myself, I'll definitely keep on preparing for the worst, but also pray so hard that this isn't the end of our beloved Republic as we know it. 💔
  2. I was wondering if gun stores had been shut down here. CA got backlash for doing the same thing and was forced to reopen them, so maybe we can make that happen too.
  3. No knowledge on my part of any NG deployment locally. There has been a lot of firing on the ranges out here, more than usual I think, but no more military activity on post than usual. My husband is a contractor, and an Army vet who likes to be in the know, and knows everyone, but he hasn't heard anything either. Wish I had more for ya!
  4. Yes, right between Las Cruces and Alamogordo, just south off 70.
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