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  1. Email me and we can exchange numbers
  2. It has Pistol, rifle 100 and 200 yrd and shotgun with clay pigeon machine
  3. I would be happy to help in any way I can
  4. I know some, I did get some basic forms from a certified instructor and I have been doing IDPA shooting every month, also I have been trained by the military with the M-16 as well
  5. Anytime Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am actually going this weekend to the range
  6. Hello everyone in the 574 area, sorry I haven't been communicating with any of you guys. I am new to the militia setting. I am an Army vet. I do want to hook up with this group and try to get something started. I work in Elkhart but live in South Bend. I do have access to an out door gun range. We can meet up and get some range time if you all want. All you need is eyes, ears, firearms and ammo. No range fee like when you go to an indoor range. Email me at [email protected] and maybe we can get together. I also do hand reloading as well so if you ever have been interested in trying it I can show you how. Keep the faith and be safe
  7. Thanks for the info I will check it out
  8. No Ham license, only have CB radio
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