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  1. It is a crime infested area with lots of gang activity I’ve just never heard of any real civil unrest down there. Hope everyone in the area is safe. Trying to get ahold of a friend of mine that lives close to Newburgh so I can verify some of the things I’m hearing.
  2. Wow that’s shocking news, I haven’t heard yet from anyone I know in Newburgh, I live in the Binghamton area and all is calm so far. I live in a rural area and we take care of our own out here so if any rif raff try to cause problems out where I live they will meet serious resistance. Stay safe everyone and I will update with any info I can get my hands on.
  3. Trying to get more pictures and info as fast as I can. I live upstate but I got them from a close friend so I’m hoping to get more and I will update with any info I get ASAP!
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  5. Glad I’m living in upstate ny right now, something isn’t right here... IMG_1435.mov
  6. My sister is a nurse and I’m ready to defend her and ANY other vulnerable Americans, time to do our part and unite!
  7. This is the second video I’ve seen from another part of the country with dozens and dozens of tanks being transported. The govt will tell you this is “normal” transportation of military assets but do you believe them? Martial law is coming
  8. Hi my name is stephen, I’m from upstate New York and I’m a life long America loving gun owning patriot and I’m so disillusioned with what is happening right now in my country. I never thought I’d live to see the day so many of our civil liberties would be thrown out the window without a word from our representatives. I’m a family man with two little kids and I’m worried about what kind of future they will have in this new socialist country being forced on us. I live in the Binghamton area and I have no military background but I am interested in getting some info on what I could possibly do to help. I just lost my job due to our liberal governor’s crypto fascist lockdown he forced on us so I have lots of free time. I’m very new to this but I would appreciate any help or info that is available. Thank you and god bless America!

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