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  1. After March 13th the presidential seal and flag have been missing when he gives speeches. Ever since he gave increased power to FEMA, the seal and flag removed!
  2. All patriots, after reading this you will develop even more motivation to rise up and prevent the atrocities that are coming soon Scroll down and start reading from the beginning after u get on site. The movie trailer Gray state tried to warn us that who we would end up fighting is FEMA https://www.sgtreport.com/2018/06/femas-billing-code-for-death-by-guillotine-is-icd9-e978/
  3. My message to all Palm Beach Patriots



  4. Florida issued a stay at home order, that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND DISGUSTING ABUSE OF POWER. They have no right forcing people to stay home! A blatant disregard for our freedom! This virus is a hoax! Wake up people, they are destroying the country! I use to support Trump, then realized he is a puppet and just playing his part like the rest of them! I see it now! 

  5. I agree, it's time to start gathering able bodied men around you, who understand what freedom is and willing to fight for it. The enemy is gathering it's forces enmass right we speak. Start off in your current community residence and just go around an talking to folks. I feel all these restrictions imposed was not to help stop the spread of the virus but to stop the formation of Militias. They don't want us to resist the horrific atrocities they have planned for us in the future. We just want to be free.. we just want to be able to go outside and be left alone. We want to live our own lives, free of extreme government over reach and control. It's not that I hate the idea of government, it's when they begin controlling every aspect of life, when they begin taking away your right to defend yourself and especially when they treat law abiding citizens like criminals.
  6. I'm in the Palm Beach area and I feel the same way. This is clearly government over reach. They have crossed the line. A virus doesn't mean our Constitutional rights get thrown out the window. We must defend ourselves in the event they turn aggressive to those who don't comply with their rediculous requests. I'm not against government , I just don't like government going way over board with restrictions of freedom for such an immense amount of time. Feel free to contact me on here, I'm not a comandor but I am currently trying to recruit a small group in my area. So we can protect our neighbors n have a sense of community.
  7. Always include trauma plates, metal armor can bulge which can be very painful if there's nothing to kinda help absorb that. Just work on that cardio more. You will adjust. Stay strong brother
  8. Looking for Patriots in the West Palm Beach areas to link up/network and discuss concerns over the current situation and the threat of extreme government over reach. Let me know if interested and I can set a time, date and location to meet for the discussions.
  9. Greetings everyone, I'm trying to set up a patriot meet an greet in the Palm Beach area to discuss the current governmental over reach I feel has been happening as of late. It's been very concerning because last I checked a virus doesn't mean our constitutional rights are void. Strength in numbers is key. So this will be a networking/link up meeting. I can set the date and time. If interested please reply. We need to form a sense of community. We are our peoples last line of defense. God bless u all.
  10. Looking for all Patriot meet an greet to discuss current government over reach issues and concerns. All Patriots in the Palm Beach area, let me know. I can set a date, time and location. I feel strength in numbers is key and forming a small network will help in the event things take a turn for the worst with the situation. God bless us all.

  11. I knew it, the media is being used as a propganda tool! They are inviting dear to help push people to be more open to give up their rights! Don't believe the media. We need to arm up and prepare!
  12. Welcome brother! We need more like urself, I believe theirs a map on here that shows where u can link up with other fellow patriots. I'm new to this site as well. But I definitely feel as strongly as you do about protecting our freedoms, our way of life. We are fighting for the right to be left alone and to pursue happiness. Welcome brother
  13. Hello fellow Patriot brother, welcome. I feel the same, I've been trying to think of ways of gathering up a small group of people in my area who feel similarly about whats happening around us and how the government is crossing too many boundaries. I'm not against government, but I am against unnecessary government control that starts to impede our Constitutional rights. Last I checked, a virus doesn't void our rights. So if I can have a group in my area that can hold it's own and prevent unconstitutional acts upon my fellow neighbors, would be great. I'm sure u also have been seeking the same which is why u have come here buddy. Share your thoughts ?
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