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  1. What will be the difference between the different cuts (Large Short/medium/long for example) and would I be able to cheat a little bit on the length?
  2. Hey everybody, I have a couple of quick questions: I am trying to find a set of Multicam Tropic uniform pieces, how do I size things right to fit me (I'm 5' 8", 42" chest and 34 waist I would assume large Regular for the jacket and medium regular trousers)? Are there any places I can look that have those sizes in stock? All the places I've looked are out. Thanks.
  3. In light of the growing chaos (that seems to be threatening to become a full blown civil war), I think we really should think about meeting up and preparing for the worst.
  4. Hey everybody, I am looking for recommendations on noise cancelling comm. headsets. In particular, I want something that is decent quality and price, allows for push to talk and could be worn with a helmet or boonie hat without interfering with the fit of said headgear. Thanks.
  5. What's a good option for a headset that could be worn with a helmet or boonie hat without causing interference? I've been shopping around but don't know which will work best.
  6. Certainly, although I am open for cross-training to fill other roles if need be. Also have a working knowledge of strategy, tactics and drill if applicable, and I've been experimenting with making hardtack for field rations if that's of any use.
  7. Yes, good old M1 Garand, probably my favorite of all my rifles. What's a good radio set-up to get?
  8. Hey everyone, this is the gear and weapon load out that I have as it stands right now, the rifles from top to bottom are M1 Garand, DPMS AR-15 Gen1 and Springfield M1903, and the pistol is an early model Argentine 1911. Have 10 mags for my AR, approx. 80 Enbloc clips for the M1, and 2 mags for the pistol, about 1100 .30, 500 rounds of .223/5.56 and about 50 rounds of .45 ACP. Have a set of woodland BDUs, but I can certainly piece together the required uniform and pieces of equipment as needed.
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