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  1. Interesting observation: It would seem that Joe Biden has somewhat of a new status, at least as far as the FAA is concerned, if not the rest of the federal government. This is temporarily restricted air space, AKA no fly zone, over Joe's place through 11/6. This is the first listing that relates to Joe; so possibly a new status as President elect?
  2. After all the video came out I'll admit I was wrong. They just set Kyle's bail at 2 million. He will be released soon.
  3. All my assault rifles self-identify as muskets. Y'all this is the call to be at the ready. If I ain't never felt it before, I feel it now.
  4. What's everyone plans for tommorow night? This is my 1st election year as an adult where I'm not attending a public election night watch party. Me and my prep partners are grouping together at home to watch.
  5. Too late. Irondale police inadvertently confirmed this technology to already be in place today. And elderly woman is missing and the family was told by the dectives that the "system" has her license plate number tagged so if it passes in front of a traffic camera they will be notified. That means the traffic cameras are recording every car passing and running it through a security check anyway.
  6. You made this post in July and I be damned if everything is not going down exactly like this.
  7. If the Democrats stage a coup and any outside Nation commits to military support for them that is going to be the end of the United States. We will have no choice but to take up arms just to keep peace at the local level.
  8. What is currently happening in Kenosha could break out in any state. Let Tarrant PD shoot a black man on tape; Birmingham would be in flames within the first 1 hour. I believe the media is manipulating the public to orchestrate this exact response (riot-fire-murder, BLM/Antifa vs Militias). This is a planned race war and I do not plan on participating in it. People living in the above mentioned counties should be on notice. Imagine this happening in BESSEMER......(hell no).
  9. Why was this child taken across state lines in illegal possession of a AR-15 to protect a business that his family does not own nor do they receive revenue from? The owner of this business can file bankruptcy and start over. Hell he might have had a riot-rider on his insurance and was looking forward to exiting. I bet the owner of this business won't even put a dime on this boy's commissary. Yes this boy did what he had to do to defend his life but had he stayed his ass at home like a child and not violated this city's curfew he would not be in jail, two people would be alive, and that idiot s

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