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  1. I don't believe the 30k being trained by radical islamists to be credible at all. But as a gambling woman I'll go all in on that there will be an "event" on 4th of July. THUS reason I'm staying home!
  2. In honor of those Cherokee who came before me.
  3. Reports of officers walkout/called-in for zones 3, 4, and 6. Standby for updates.........
  4. Anyone on the ground in Atlanta? Word is officers have walked off the job in zones 3, 4, and 6. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Tuesday an insider called me & said to expect Jefferson & Montgomery counties to be put back on lockdown. Covid19 numbers reported to be rising.............
  6. Ex Alabama politicians social media is being hacked. One of them who was targeted called me last night and is physically sick from all that is going on. All the hoopla has died down in Birmingham city so far. The normal murders have commenced to happening daily so I guess you can say all is back to normal. My family will still be under a state of emergency for remainder of this month. 🔐
  7. An example would be sending a mental health team in instead of the cops when a 911 call is received for a mental health crisis. I've worked with medical professionals on a mental health floor and we had a 100% take down rate without murdering someone. You don't guns for that.
  8. Fortify your homesteads, be on high alert, be observant when in public, and please if possible stay in the house as much as possible. Something is going on (credible threat) and the government won't allow the media to forewarn the public. Do not engage with these protests. They have been infiltrated by agents. The National Guard is on the ground not to control the riots but to control an insurgency. This is absolutely not normal; we are literally at war.
  9. Birmingham, AL Report: At the Super 8 in Moody a police officer was shot. Intel says he was airlifted to UAB. It is unknown if this is riot related or just a meth head that freaked out. The only store in Roosevelt located in the Bessemer cutoff area was set ablaze. As of this moment that I'm typing this message it is burning to the ground. Fire chief is saying this is Riot related......community says the old man just wanted the insurance check.
  10. In the Roebuck shopping district of Birmingham Alabama business owners have armed and staged themselves inside of their businesses to protect it from vandalism/looting.

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