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  1. welcome Grey One; I hope all is well with you and your family in these trying times. 


    1. TheOldman


      That was supposed to say Mike53; that what I get for trying to answer a phone and talk at the same time that I am typing.... I guess this Oldman can't multi task anymore, like I used to.  😅

  2. Hello to all. I am Mike Willsey of Lake Ann, MI. Air Force vet from a long time ago. DD214 1973. Willing to help in comms and first aid, EMT elementary education, special needs certified . CDL B with air brake and can drive or operate most any equipment. Have my own supplies and practice the use of my firearms. Life member NRA, member Oath Keepers. Like being part of the Militia from the US Constitution point of view. It seems to always come to us whether we want it or not, but we will finish it with dignity and integrity. After all, most of us gave the Oath to Serve. Thank you.

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