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  1. trying to put together a practice day at blue mountain range in westchester...contact if interested

  2. Here to remind everyone that guns and ammo are included in @ LetFreedomRing ’s post. Put it in the chat and I’ll put it here too...my store is open 4 hours a day and I absolutely cannot keep up with the constant line outside. I feel terrible telling people to leave and come back tomorrow. But people are buying guns, mostly shotguns for now. Ammo is flying off shelves, distribution is about a month behind on shipping and online orders are more steady than retail. If anyone needs anything, now is the time to seek it. The market is near dried up in the firearm industry, it simply was not ready for this.
  3. Ladies and gentleman please turning on ourselves is not the way. You don’t want to be here, don’t. Don’t fuel the hate.
  4. @ shodan3 if any time is right it’s gotta be soon. Our lives are basically being made a mockery of. I used to use VPNs and be low key but fuck that. Why is our liberty at stake right now? This shit needs to be fixed
  5. @ Dav Harzin unfortunately rifles and pitchforks for those that done have them are necessary. Not only to provide value and integrity to any of our arguments but also as a defense tool, never know man. No one needs to fire a shot, let us be fired upon if that is the case. Sorry not sorry, rifles are necessary. At this rate, our second amendment is probably due to go any day now.
  6. So I don’t know why but liberty is weighing heavy on my mind lately. Now, with the age of technology we have such an advantage at getting out there and moving quickly. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of that? Obviously we are being lied to, obviously it’s being flaunted in our face. Why have we not done something to show our force. Even if 500 people marched around with some rifles and pitchforks. That show of force is at least going to attract someone’s attention, let alone attract a following. Now I’m not the smartest and there is a lot to be discussed. But does a boogaloo need to happen? Or can Americans get together? March the gates and say we the people want our country and our liberty back? The people who somehow control us do not speak for us.
  7. @ 631 Patriot believe I’ve sent you a friend request. Kev rom
  8. @ 631 Patriot please do not push our brothers farther away! We will unite...I’m originally from miller place but I live in massapequa now. Long Island is my home and I will stay to protect it. A few hundred years ago men and women on Long Island became the driving factor toward revolution. We may have to do it again....
  9. Hello everyone. From massapequa area and brand new to the group. I am heavily proficient in small team tactics, lone wolf operations, land nav, combat medicine, etc. I run a local gun store and am extremely handy with multiple weapon platforms. I’ve been active on Facebook and Instagram, but to be honest the “community” is really starting to disappoint. I feel like leadership is pushing toward people calling others “poors” because they slapped a rifle together for under $1,500 instead of praising each other for deciding to take a stand against tyranny. The people that are leading this cause seem to be a bunch of basement dwelling mommas boys only interested in shooting up their parent’s yards with their equally retarded friends. It is of my own thought that us New Yorkers stand behind enemy lines and, although it may prove difficult I would love to see some real cooperation into actually turning this community into real freedom fighters and patriots. Now, more than ever, we need to unite.
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