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  1. So fellas, what is your common cause? The NFAC has a cause and each of them know and understand that cause. What is the purpose of a Militia, do you know? It is not to runaround and play boy scout with a gun. Look to why the militia came to be in the first place. It was to support and defend the local community. Not every one was a shooter but everyone supported the militia for security and common cause. What is your common cause? I live in Utah and am an outsider, I am not LDS - mormon for some of us, the common cause here is religion, these folks still feel persecuted. They do have a m
  2. Love the joke about the B-52 in your profile header...


    AF Pilot: Tower. Requesting immediate return to runway. Forward gear not retracting...


    Tower: Negative on immediate return. We have an emergency landing request from a B-52 with an engine out.


    AF Pilot: Ah... That dreaded 7 engine landing...

    1. Bomber


      That particular aircraft looks like a G model, I was  a gunner on them for 6.5 yrs! Then did tactical nukes in Sicily and Strategic nukes in Montana and taught at the school house at Vandenberg! Deuce Baby!


  3. I will be moving to the St. George area very soon and am looking for like minded folks. Drop me a line and let's get to now one another.


  4. Fixer, I am looking to add some content to my group. Is there a way for me to upload files to my group only?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bomber


      So is there a way to post an article for the group to read or is it just images? Unit messages  or an Army manual, per se'.


    3. fixer


      May i suggest : Start a forum in your group called Resources , see if you can't attach your document to the post

    4. Bomber


      Will do!


  5. Eric, I see you made it! Welcome!


  6. All West Slope CO Threepers feel free to contact me! Looking for some friends! 

  7. Spectre6, is it possible to setup and run my own group out of this site? I control all content of the page/within the group and I control who gets in and or out? Just wondering. I currently have four secret pages on fb and am looking for a new home. Am willing to consolidate all into a single group page. The groups is "Guardians of Duty" out of the Western Slope of CO.

  8. Recon, do we know each other? A southern trip maybe?

  9. My kit came with everything list in each category.
  10. Can't seem to find this page on fb. Looking for more advice. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/CSF.GA.III
  11. FarmerJohn check this kit out it is my edc and personal IFAK for every situation, see what you think. Shopping cart Product image Description Quantity Price 1 PX Hero "SCOUT" Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)MULTICAM CAMO - $39.50 / BASIC SUPPLIES & TRAUMA SUPPLIES + $25.00
  12. Been out of touch for a while. But now I am back! West Slope of CO PLZ contact me.

    1. Redlegs


      Mark, I stepped away too. I'm back on here to stay. Glad to see you're on here.

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