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  1. Do you guys put together any meetings at a range or any where else? 

  2. Strengths: US Army vet with an expert rating on all weapons touched. Basic ground combat, NBC NCO experience, basic survival training. Massive heart, patriotism, motivation & drive. Weaknesses: Out of shape (haven't exercised or hit a gym in many years), slightly overweight (cardio is a huge issue), money is tight so no uniforms or weapons and may need to borrow gas money on meet ups. I'd say these are major barriers.
  3. I'm not sure of anyone who is active in this state anymore. I used to be active back in 2015 and looking to get active again so as of today. I've restarted my regiment as it was before. The 1st NC State Minutemen Militia Regiment. Originally this was a Mooresville based group but as of right now, I'm just looking for people who have enough land to do proper training on. 1 weekend a month just like National Guard.
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