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  1. Is this in DE ...I am looking for a place to practice... As part of the militia we should have a place to practice shooting
  2. This is what America is all about The militia in Idaho protected all the businesses what a beautiful sight
  3. Looking for a hunting partner in Delaware

  4. I'm not really seeing where I branded you as a leftist. I'm sorry it came out like that And nobody said you're not intelligent This is a forum and in the forum we talk about different things You are not the only one on this forum And you decided to reply to me for some reason You have the freedom to ignore like everybody else or respond if you're interested For now it's a free country
  5. You think being part of militia is just about gun what is wrong with you . We are not a knitting club or a gun club . We're not a terrorist organization and we condemn violence unless we have no choice Maybe you should go to one of those left social networking where your voice is silence completely
  6. I don't think you understand the severity of this problem They are planning to put in power a private security company That will police in a way the USSR police back in the day If someone is killed you will not Know about it because they will first make you disappear and then take care of you This already happened under Obama If you don't remember in PA They just made people disappear To this secret holding place I am surprised how nobody remember or Care how Obama is the reason we are all in this mess He is the one who invited BLM and antifa to the white house He is the one who created the fake Russian fake story with the clintons They woke up the black community with fake racism and made them paranoid
  7. We. Have evidence for years that the left was helping Hitler with money laundering years ago . Prescott Bush was a natzi sympathizer who should have gone to the firing squad for treason Why are we letting this real Nazis do the same thing again . They brain wash our kids for years and now we see the results Of stupid kids who push for socialism And fake racism ... The real racist are the left and Democrats
  8. All the left understand is violence . Why are we so civilized and allowing this to happen After all we are the majority Just because the media is lying to us and on the wrong side and maybe 20% of Americans are on the left why are we allowing all this s*** to happen We should all rise up and March The police after all will be on our side I guarantee Why are we not going after the fake media George Soros Bill Gates Obama Nancy pelosi The clintons The bushes We all know they orchestrated covid 19 We all know they orchestrated the murder of George Floyd somehow The left is an expert in manipulation They know how to create riots They know how to push people to do their bidding So we need to be loud also we need to march in every city After all that's all they understand and we are the majority My family died in the Holocaust Because this s*** happened exactly the same it's happening right now Antifa are pretty much the brown shirt Hitler had used to create fear in people as an opposition BLM is not for helping black people They are pushing socialist Marxist agenda We can't let this happen history repeat itself if we don't do anything We need to organize something
  9. Getting an error when trying
  10. Very hard to watch what is happening and how CNN and the Left media just keep pushing lies and flaming the situation and making it worse . The media is really the enemy of the people
  11. I installed the discord app ... Nut sure how to join the group
  12. I already know the Democrats and the left are helping Antifa . They found 30 unmarked cars with no license plate and they where all full of explosive . Also they found many piles of bricks and flammable hiding in the bushes in strategic location so this was planned in advance and they are definitely getting help ... We still need to do something to protect our communities . We can't just do nothing and let everything burnt to the ground
  13. New update . Antifa is now designated as a terrorist organization by the trump administration
  14. Are we going to address the antifa problem in our country and local community How are you going to fight back While working with authorities for non-violent solution I was in downtown Wilmington yesterday and saw that some protesters were trying to prevent violence but some outside agitators most likely antifa are paid to do the damage We need to do something about this

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