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  1. Which has never been done. You talked the talk bit your scared to walk the walk. It is time to get the dems out of the country or for the countey to split in half those who believe in the constitution on one half and those who dont on the other. Im not advocating for a civil war but words and goverment leaders have failed us all. And with the way things are going its just a matter of time before the blood shed starts. One shot is all it took for the revolution to start. Goverment needs to make a choice follows theirs oaths or get out
  2. All those people at that rally did shite. You had the police out manned and out gunned.you had the support of thousands in the capital and yall did nothing. You lost your freedom because you handed it over. Theres a time for love. A time for play a time for words and their is a time for war. That was the time for war and you passed ot over.

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