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  1. Who's organizing the March for Freedom in Dover?
  2. WELCOME!  Check the state militia forums link on the landing page for your state, area code militia link  or tab and click on the Map tab to find people near you to connect:




  3. Oh no? Well, let's put the pieces together. [email protected] has a patent on the virus. Then he wants to create a vaccine (with a tattoo Mark of the Beast) for the very virus he has a patent for. Did you know that [email protected] does NOT vaccinate himself or HIS children? So you tell me, is he dirty? You betta believe it! Let's not forget how very INVESTED, in the W.H.O., he is. WHO can trust these scoundrels!
  4. Has anyone heard about AR setting up a group on Discord and have you gotten an invite yet?
  5. AR2 just responded to my email, and they said it was Noon. Was it someone local that told you 10?
  6. Hi, Can someone tell me if the March For Freedom in TN is 12 Eastern or Central time?
  7. We the people must wake up the Masses! We cannot proudly turn this Country over to the children! The blood is on our hands. Get Educated to the current condition of the situation. 

  8. FB isn't let me access the TN page. I just joined FB to join the group. Found the other group!
  9. FB isn't let me access the TN page. I just joined FB to join the group. Found the other group!
  10. Hello ya'll! As the government continues to erode our Freedoms, how much freedom do we give up before we take a stand? You saw what the people did in MI, didn't you? When IS it enough? Peace, Josette
  11. Have any of you made your voice heard about this lockdown? You may do it here: www.standforhealthfreedom.com/action (tried to link it up, but it doesn't work on this forum for some reason) They have it set up for the whole country to contact their governor. Peace, Josette
  12. Welcome! I did too - the other day. My husband is ex-Air Force, and can do just about anything. I am and Internet Marketer and my families herbalist/natural health nerd, We are also organic farmers in Englewood.
  13. They've also created ICD codes (for medical billing) specific to COVID-19 "suspected" death with no need for testing. Like testing is even accurate. Just another way to scam money from the "We the People"! I mean really, who do think is going to pay for this stimulus package...our children's children and most likely past that!
  14. If you haven't seen Dr. Buttar's video's, you can find them here: https://theneuronerd.com under the heading "Are You Fed Up with the Hysteria Yet?". He gets into COVID19 and the vaccine. The hole is very deep! YouTube is censoring this info!
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