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  1. The main page of American Revolution 2.0 has been deleted by Facebook along with all the event pages for each state. Kinda makes me wanna to even more now
  2. American Revolution 2.0 main page has been censored by Facebook. The group has been trying to gather as many people across the country to rally at each of their states capitols. 

    The Smaller group “Million person open carry March” is now finding other ways to communicate in the event Facebook shuts them down as well. 

  3. So be honest, so I’m still working and I got this stimulus check just sitting around should I spend about 300 ish on some camping gear if for whatever reason I wanna dip out? I mean also wouldn’t hurt to have just for camping whenever. I don’t have room for a deep freeze so that’s kinda out of the question for me right now
  4. With our 3 top meat facilities out and milk and other food being slowed down and dumped were on the verge of our food chain collapsing. Civil unrest will follow soon after. Stay safe brother.
  5. There’s also another march at every capitol May 1st. Wear a mask and stand 6ft away from each other if you want. Search American revolution 2.0 on YouTube and Facebook for more info also they’re trying to get a website up as well if they haven’t already.
  6. Hey guys, just got added to a group on fb that’s wanting to have every state go to their capital on Independence Day and open carry. what are your thoughts on having a peaceful protest like Virginia had in January? the FB group is called “Million person open carry march” here’s the link to the Kansas event https://www.facebook.com/groups/1827007577429144/permalink/1846455722150996/ update: There’s also going to be a march on May 1st in every state and their capitols. This one is American revolution 2.0 we are wanting everyone to wear face masks and to march 6 ft away from each other, this is for the whole constitution and preserving our rights and letting our governors know we won’t stand for this. There is no clause in the constitution for a virus or pandemic. The constitution stands no matter what! Our founders were dealing with a small pocks our break during the war. 10 men died per 1 man out in the field fighting. They knew about virus’s and pandemics. But they knew you can’t make exceptions on our rights or that’s just a way for the government to take unconditional control.
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