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  1. Sorry fellow Patriots, I haven't uploaded nor been active on this site due to work and being out of the country.  As it appears, this country is in quite a shit storm right now.  To sum it up, the only option I see regarding this election is that it is declared "Null and Void" due to all of the evidence of fraud and tampering.  Go read about the 12th ammendment.  Our forefathers were wise enough to write this in as a scenario ( It actually has happened twice in our histo37 rery) where EACH state gets ONE vote.  Currently, we have republican states.

    For those of you in Washington state, it's obvious Inslee did not win.  What an absolute joke.  In fact, it's not a joke at all.  It's sedition, treason and high crimes.  the militias across this land need to make contact with high ranking generals of all branches of the military, Sherriffs from each county across this country, and let them know to stand down, or lend a hand.  The day approaches where "WE" - me and you, do as our forefathers did.  Own our Freedom.  Take it BACK.  Even Thomas Jefferson quoted : "The tree of liberty must be fed the blood of both Patriot and tyrant to retain it's freedoms".  We're living in those times right now.  I will do a better job of updating this site regularly so we can surround ourselves with like-minded people with an active local plan.  I would suggest you install a CB back into your rigs for comms.  My call sign is "Casper" here and around the Skagit area.  I ride on Ch11.  Gotta run or now, but please check in often with any news/updates of note.  


    I got your 6, J.

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