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  1. Don't get discouraged Patriots!  The good news, the deep state and their actual "perpatraitors" have exposed themselves and many identities.  They will be held to account, hopefully sooner than later.  I dropped by to thank the local Trump supporters in Mount Vernon, WA yesterday for their show of support and taking an active part in reviving the American republic spirit. I just finished watching the latest youtube video from Jeffrey Prager 

    and I think you'll find value in it as well.  My goal from this day forward is to keep up much more frequently with this website forum, gaining new friendships and like minded people.  It's vitally important each of us connect and surround yourselves with like minded people.  Thanks for checking in.  Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground - we have a wild ride coming our way.  This fight has only just begun.  Cheers, Jeff

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