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  1. Just getting back to Jersey, Back from South Carolina, My Mother passed away, She is now where she belongs, With our heavenly father, I will miss you mom, and I will see you again , all my love, 

    1. Alicia


      So sorry for your loss.💧

  2. Alive After the Fall HR6666 The Bill Of The Beast.url
  3. Also I opologise I've had phone off ,couple days due to personal reasons, But just wanted to say hello to Matthew, Alicia,Tom, Austin, keep your trust in God, and never allow anyone to vaccinate, or chip you.
  4. Please watch and give me your thoughts HR6666 The Bill Of The Beast.url
  5. Want to hear your thoughts eng-chips-7.doc
  6. P413 will be there with you, send me location where to meet
  7. I will defend myself till death before they give me Needle or chip, hopefully I get lil warning before hand, As we have a safe haven (camp) set up
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