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  1. I totally agree with you. We have a divided country rt now civil unrest. We as Americans are going to have to police the police we all need to stand up for our constitutional rts and stand up for what is rt. These riots are destroying our country. The only one that is gonna suffer is the hard working Americans. We need to all stick together and stand United for what's rt and stop the tryanie . We have civil unrest and a global pandemic going on all at the same time. The NWO has had this planned out for sometime now. This all could be apart of agenda 21 . They are pushing for Martial law one way or another so they can come and take our 2nd amendment rt away from us as they did in New Orleans when the hurricane hit. I believe all races matter not just one.. we all bleed red not one different race stands higher than the next. We are all the same. God bless America the land that I love. I will not bow down to no man unly God I will bow down to.
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