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  1. People look like idiots wearing the masks. Don't they know those things don't do anything?
  2. That is what they want. They want for history to repeat itself because history has mostly been aristocracy. They do not like the fact that the United States exists and is a free country.
  3. Why did you ignore my offer to be a spy?

  4. Sometimes people volunteer to help, but they get blown off or told to go away.
  5. Well I am not a guy, so maybe sister? The SPLC and ADL do not get to choose who is a terrorist or not. For domestic terrorism, that would be the FBI. And being racist is not the same as being a terrorist. Racism is an idea. We have freedom of thought and freedom of expression in this country. Terrorism, on the other hand, would be a crime. Just saying.
  6. I was told by a coworker a few years ago that people who put the little flags next to their front doors are white supremacists. This mimetic is not new. The globalists have been spreading this BS around in leftist circles for a long time. This coworker also had a son who wore dresses.
  7. I didn't realize there was a law against having ties to a political group. The proud boys are not terrorists, are they?
  8. I can be a spy. What do you want me to do? I live in Tucson.
  9. You know, I think they may be burning this thing out on their own. They are calling for the destruction of the pyramids in Egypt. https://www.egyptindependent.com/british-anti-racism-protestors-call-for-destruction-of-giza-pyramids/
  10. George was in the back of the police cruiser, but claimed to be claustrophobic and wouldn't stay there. That was why he was saying he couldn't breathe. Because he was claustrophobic.
  11. I think the tyrants are in a cold panic because Donald Trump is probably going to be reelected. They will do anything to stop that from happening.
  12. It is fitting that George's murder never happened, since it symbolizes a systemic problem within the legal system that does not actually exist. How perfect, then, that the folks promulgating the violence have not bothered to respond to this new evidence of George dying of a drug overdose. When caught up in discussions such as these, I like to ask the person how they tell the difference between something that is true and something that is not true. This usually gets them thinking, and they come to realize that if they discount all of the evidence and all of the facts on one side of the story
  13. I wonder what can legally be done to stop them. I am assuming that the police will not do anything.

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