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  1. Welcome Aboard**

    1. Fallen2Ryze


      Thanks. Would you be aware of any training groups. Or tips for a first purchase of a firearm. I eas thinking a 9mm for myself and a .22 for my wife. Ive shot some guns as a youth but havent really touched one in years. I already put my backround check through and will be using the "stimulous" (my tax dollsrs given back to me) as a source to purchase my own gun.


      Also i have 5 children in my home and my 2 year old son still sleeps in my bed. Any tips on a safe or storage? I was thinking of taking my wife to the gun range as she is sort of against us getting a firearm but i feel now is the time better late then never)


      I want to absorb as much info as i can before i get one in my hands. And info from those with experience is paramount.


      Thanks for your welcome :)

    2. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      the way things might get soon I would advise getting a AR platform rifle,  SW or Ruger are decent . Get a pistol in 9mm that you can get a 22 conversion kit, 'glock,  SW ' there are more. That way its a little cheaper to train, and get a 22 conversion for the rifle.

      min 10 mags rifle 3 mags pistol. as much ammo you can get , 1000rds plus. but stock up much food. sorry about the wife not being 'gun friendly' but get them NOW.


           Best,  Dav



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