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  1. This is exactly the kind of sense talking we need. Everyone needs to generate an overwhelming amount of propaganda. That’s what we are currently fighting, a Cold War of propaganda. So how’s the American public opinion goes history. Stop remaining silent and start networking with everyone you know. Too many militia members fulfill the stereo type. This was is fought in suits with handshakes, not plate carriers with grenades. Prepare to preserver liberty at all cost and with physical force if necessary. But peaceful means are far more fruitful...
  2. A revolution is a war of public opinion. Why? The public is the base from which all state power is derived through resources: man power, connections, funding, supplies, etc. This movement needs published works to guide the hearts and minds of the public prior to and during any action. We need people to be sold on the movement: influencers, celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. Without the public knowing you before hand, anyone who challenges the states monopoly on force is labeled a Terror Organization. Look at Antifa. The public doesn’t know much about them so they defer to the narrative which is now very bad. That needs to be combated immediately, persistently, and openly. That leads to an open narrative and organization without fear of persecution. People are waking up from the media lies only to find themselves in another media/narrative controlled dream through fear. It’s better situation than the willful ignorance displayed over the last decade. But action, without public support or at least understanding and recognition, leads to losing public opinion and once it’s lost its a much harder decision to overturn. That’s why no one has acted yet, with out the support of the people your just a “terrorist looking for political gain.” Win the public, you win history. I have recently started on a pamplet/book to publish. I need a network of people to distribute it and help get it published. Who knows people that can help or connect us to someone who can help?
  3. Red Flag Laws are unconstitutional and they are the perfect move to scare opponents of the left into silence. We are even afraid to bring others into shooting sports because “they’ll know what I have.” if you’re sick of it, organize. Numbers equal power.
  4. Thank you, if you would like to attend one together I have some friends also interested. I will reach out to Mike and ask about scheduling. Thank you again!
  5. Definitely interested! I didn’t see any medical, all shooting, but I may have missed in.
  6. Perhaps we could meet or exchange contact information and schedule some trainings or gatherings. I for one am interested in medical training if anyone has experience.
  7. Your post seems to illude that because there are laws on the books you’ll stand buy and enforce new laws to get paid. So what are you saying?
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