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  1. We all are! We are angry, heartbroken...but you have to use your head, you can't just run on emotion! That's what the left wants, give President Trump a chance for goodness sakes! Don't stir the pot further!
  2. Yes he said there would be "dark days", he, "the President". Stock up for 2 weeks. Water too. Lamps, candles. Take care of yourself and your families. But let President Trump finish what he started. There is nothing the left would love more than to see the Patriots, the People, rise up against them so they can say, see? Told you! People would be arrested and possibly killed! Please 🙏 and keep your anger inside until a week past inauguration. Let's see what is up!
  3. I remember reading President Trump said, not to worry and things will look bad but he is the President and will be the President for the next 4 years. Relax and watch the show ☺️. Ok this isn't his words perfectly but he has to let things play out in order to really drain the swamp! I do believe we will see things a whole other way but I believe that's why he told us not to do anything, he has it all under control. He has almost all the evidence now, he may have to be impeached illegally by them to put the nail in their coffins. Pray for all of the people fighting the legal way! God does
  4. I ran a soup kitchen, which we ate more than soup for 8 yrs downtown Elkhart.  I'm saying I can cook.  I can make a meal out of nothing.

    I know enough about nursing to be dangerous....haha.  I have a couple of relatives that were nurses.

    I don't have one right now.  But I can shoot if I have to.

    I'm not as young as I was but they say that beats the alternative.  I'm a survivor.  Want to ask me a question, I will give you a straight up answer.

    I'm like everyone else, I am tired of them thinking we are idiots and we are going to sit back and take whatever they dish out.  I am a Christian and I don't kill babies!  I will help whatever way I can.


  5. China and Russia will come together and their people like a lot of politicians our politicians. They are opening the front gate for them to enter OUR LAND!

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