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  1. @631Patriot Hi all. Please givd me lot of slack as I am not up on how to use this site yet. Really never did much with on line groups so if my posts are kinda messed up dont bd surprised . I hope i addressed this correctly Any hoo, i was watching pne of mh youtube channels and the postef sss talking bout militias and it just clicked and i decided i had to search around and see if i could find one locally. I had been in VA a month so ago and the topic came up but by the time i got home and all the shit started I got sidetracked until today. Im waiting to take my general ham license when testing resumes , been stockpiling supplies and gear and just been preparing for whatevef happens since I feel its almost inevitable considering the Tyrants unrelenting trampling on the constitution and Bill of Rights that a response must be made. Btw hos do you do the blog ? I see a contest for a trauma kit which is on my list of next things to get and i upgraded membership i think at leadt twice lol... loke i said im not too familiar doing this stuff but id like to enter for a chance at it. Anyway Im ready to get together with anyone who wantx tk meet up. Semper Fi
  2. Just found this militia and put in to join. Glad to see something going on and I am ready to go, to Albany or wherever needed. Made the VCDL LOBBY DAY and was glad to be a part of all those Patriots. Now I am happy to see NY ready to fight. SemperFi
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  4. Hi, my name is Rick. I go by Barefootsailor on most social media. I have no problem with stating my full name but not sure if this is the right time or place., you can let me know. Im out on the Long Island north fork. Longtime 2A , freedom supporting patriot who wants to be prepared and join with other patriots to protect our country our freedoms and our God given rights. Im hoping this is the time and place and i seek your guidance, support and friendship. I in turn offer my service . SEMPER FI
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