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  1. We also kept a milk crate in all our trucks full of full 30rnd mags. The practice was to only use mags from the crate when fighting from the truck, this way if you had to leave the truck you still had a full combat load on hand.
  2. If you have the resources how would you secure your neighborhood if need be.

    1. Kirkguidinger


      I'm new.Id like to get in touch.So.of I.F. Taylor area.Need Info for communication,supplies,needs ect...I have a good staging area,outside of town,with roads,canals.and Taylor Mt.in close proximity. 208~339~4971

  3. I'm lOoking at moving to your area, what's the environment like there? Are you park of a group or a team there?
  4. Copy Whiskey6...We do teach the proper verbiage in my team, we even make it manditory to do radio checks on the way into each meeting. we rotate the meeting to a different team members house/location of there choice, and we have them log there first contact point and areas of no contact from there on in to base. that way every member has a area coverage map of there immediate area.
  5. This is a post from a well respected friend and fire arms trainer/ competitor. After the events in Florida, I have to ask: Are you ready? Are you prepared for what has become all too commonplace in our lives? If someone attempts to kill you and everyone around you (including your family) will you have the skills to kill them first? I will answer these questions for you. Probably not. Do you have a gun? Probably. Have you spent enough time with it to be able to employ it quickly and efficiently? Probably not. If you don't train with the weapon you carry and there comes a day when you truly need it, you're going to look like an asshole. You might even be a dead asshole. I'm sorry if this offends any of you. However, it needs to be said. This past weekend I was at a wedding for an old roommate. His younger sister was married to a real piece of work that has been stalking her ever since she divorced him and took their child because he decided meth and heroine were good pastimes. I was warned of this and I went to the reception prepared. He has threatened to kill her and take the child. Consequently, she has a restraining order against him that he has violated three times now. I didn't think he would have the gumption to drive all the way to Vegas to track her down. I was wrong. He had stolen an invitation from a house that belongs to a friend of the family and found his way there. He was parked in front of the house where the reception was taking place and was standing next to his truck with a rifle in his hands when we walked out front at the end of the reception. I saw him and drew my firearm. As soon as he saw that, like the cockroach he is, he scampered into his truck and left at a high rate of speed. Fortunately for us, he was obviously not intent on hurting anyone. He had us dead to rights and didn't take a shot. If he had, hundredths of a second would have then become crucial. When hundredths count, how fast can you get to your weapon when it is set up the way you always carry it? Can you access it in under three seconds? Can you get to it in under two?Under a second and a half? Not if you haven't trained. Please, please, please get some formal training. I know what it is like to think that you can learn on your own. I did it for years. And in one month of having some form of structured guidance, I made leaps and bounds forward that I never would have achieved in my lifetime without the help of a professional shooter. Stop believing in your dreams and accept the fact that you need help with this. Go out and train.
  6. 100% agree, your internal is your internal. It would be the same for us. When not on your own net we go by the book. You just have to know your audience, as is with everything.
  7. I have not yet looked into web cast. Right now just to like a 2 mile radius.
  8. I don't, I could start one though to encourage more to set one up. The project isn't my brain child though. It was developed by Radio Free Redoubt.
  9. This protocol is more critical outside of I reread comms. Operating within you team or squad you will open the conversation with call signs but during you know the voice of your team mates and continue to communicate with out call signs until closing. That's how my platoon s have always operated. More often then not it would go like ". Godfather...Ginger..over". "Send it". "Ginger what's your 20 over?". "We are 1 click ahead of you running in the north bound lane over."
  10. I have a friend that is an emergency management specialist in Virginia specializing in infectious diseases do some PSA's for me as well.
  11. I'm also broadcasting episodes of The Survival Podcast, Prepper Recon, Doom and Bloom, Radio Free Redoubt, Partisan Radio, In the Rabbit Whole, and some popular music. As well as the National anthem at noon, morning revelry at 6, retreat at 1800 and taps at midnight.
  12. Any one here run a FM station for the Black Echo Project? @SUFYR do you mind if I broadcast episodes?
  13. What is this radio station you speak of?

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