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  1. I hope we can figure out coming together, or we are in trouble! I have ask everyone how to find the people of like mind to talk over what is going on in this country, but I guess being a girl means you stay home and pray people fix it for you because I have been bitten and talked down to by every man I ask for info. I'm not a lot, but I LOVE my country, learn quick, and not bad with a pistol. I would just like to know who the friendlies are and who to step up next to when it's needed, you don't have to take me to raise, I did that myself! Sry for the edge on this, I'm antsy and been looking fo
  2. Nice to know your close by. Anything going on near us next week? Just heard about this weekends rally in Columbus, day late and a dollar short.  lol

  3. Anything going on in town over the next week? Just heard today about a get together in Columbus this weekend, info on this kind of thing isn't just floating on the internet or I'm at the wrong sites. I hope yours helps.

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