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  1. Ok I'm gonna plan a meet and greet. It will be at Taku lake park on the pavilion side. If the pavilion is available we'll meet there if not, you might need to bring a camp chair. We'll do a Saturday morning not too early but early enough that we can still do home chores. I'll do some more exploring of this site. Maybe there's an announcement or calendar? I'm thinking tentatively June 6th at 9:30am. Feedback?
  2. Oh my gosh.... If I organize a meeting... say on a Saturday morning at Taku Lake Park, would anyone here want to meet up?
  3. I guess if I must take a label, I'd say I'm mostly a libertarian. I believe the constitution is the most inspired document ever written and I know we need to protect it but, my life is good, I haven't needed to rock any boats, it's hard to cross that bridge. I'm not hungry or uncomfortable. That's the problem... we've all had it too good for too long. That being said, I think we're entering a very different time. I see our rights being plucked away one feather at a time. We have so many feathers, we don't even really feel it... yet. So... yeah, now what? If I organized a meeting would anyone show up? Does anyone in this group have better insight and more experience than I do? I'm willing to support or help and I'm two seconds away from just taking the reins whether or not I do it correctly. Feedback is very much needed. Thank you.
  4. I joined because I was hoping for a team of people who meet and prepare for what's ahead. I've not seen that as of yet, however, the site has just this week come under new ownership. I am interested in meeting with like minded individuals.
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