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  1. You actually think they know what a tire is. Come on man. HaHaHa. When men get cornered they fight, commies draw childish pictures.
  2. I live less than 100 miles from Staunton and haven't herd a peep on local news about this. Maybe I missed it, or they didn't want to be seen balling on tv.
  3. the 1967-68 edition of world book encyclopedia in the L volume L for laser showed a prototype the US Army was working on. If my memory serves me correct.
  4. science fiction of my youth no longer fiction. army tested that with rifle sized weapon in 60s. never heard no more about it.
  5. After reading the last few post I feel compelled to chime in. I live in a rural county in Va. We have a sheriff and about 20 deputy's. They view lawful gun owners as force multipliers. New house gets built outsider buys it. Shortly there after new homeowner hears gunshots calls sheriffs dept. The reply is usually, you live where it's legal to own and shoot firearms. Sheriff's dept. has utmost respect for 2A. One county over is a police dept. Grew up in that county. Watched it transform over the last 40 plus years. They show up to report of shot fired and someone is in trouble. Didn't use to be that way. Militarization! Mindset of that county has been warped. I too am appalled at the actions of police on numerous occasions. Having said that I still have no problem with protesters showing up armed. Instead of show of force I'll call it a reminder. It reminds 2A and militarized LE that we're out here and we're not going away. I feel the mindset of local LE is dictated by the community they serve, as in any field you have those assholes that screw it up for everybody.
  6. The sense you get when hearing about a video like that being removed is, you've discovered you made a wrong turn 20 miles back. I saw that on Tucker the other night. I don't have the ability to watch video on the computer but Tucker showed enough to see what they're up to. Hide the truth and shovel the lies.
  7. That comment from a quack who calmly discussed infanticide on a radio talk show. For him to show any authority or care for life is laughable. We know what he's up too here in Va. Pandering to his handlers.
  8. Hope he keeps it up. Blackface is what we call him here. Picture Pinocchio as the puppet on strings and that's Northam. He stands there telling what we can't do, with his freshly cut hair. Amanda Chase joked his barber must have 6' arms. He gives a news brief then jumps in his helo and heads to his summer house. I'm sure that helo's no chinook. What social distancing blackface? He's paroling convicts like they're boy scouts. Got to stop before my blood boils.
  9. I wood like to clarify two things. Most of the media, will spin in the commies favor. I look at Antifa as a bunch of spoiled brats that run back to their parents basement and talk about how fun it was to disrupt a lawful protest. Notice they always choose protest at locations they know they won't meet stiff resistance. They show up at the wrong rally at the right time they know they'll get hurt and their mask pulled off. Simply put, they will eventually have their ass handed to them. Having said that, I have no problem with protesters exercising their right to bear arms. There' always hypotheticals.
  10. No amount of talk, reasoning, dialogue, or debate works with the commies. They spent over 100 years trying to gain total control, they're not going to settle for nothing less. No compromise. They are the scourge of the earth and need to be treated as such. Their methodical destruction of our freedoms and liberties is a game to them. We'll know they think they've won when a presumed leader starts killing off his or her rivals. They always feed on themselves. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Castro, they all did it and are hero's of the modern left (commies) in this country.
  11. My position is one of deterrence. I believe in a good defensive posture until provoked. Show of force provides that. As for the victory upon the death of a grandmother, at a patriotic meeting. We may feel that way to an extent, but the media would twist the facts and escalation is imminent.
  12. You touched on what may be one reason for the Rifles. Antifa. They've been hiding lately. There could be some fear on the part of the armed men of possible confrontation with them. In previous encounters the cops sat idly by and let them wreak havoc. So for them to see armed citizens they might think twice before hurling concrete at people. As I said in a previous post on this, stupid happens all the time. As for walking in to traps, that's a crap shoot every time there's a protest in today's social climate. A sound contingency plan and mental awareness is advised when at protest.
  13. Because they can, for one. A sense of suppression may be the other. When a animal feels threatened or cornered you will see it's teeth. Only those there could explain their actions. I have no problem with it. At Richmond the VCDL asked that people leave them at home. They didn't. I saw several people carrying two, bolt action slung and AR15 in their hands. Of course the circumstances were different. Living at this time when people feel they are being stepped on at every turn, probably is the most logical guess.
  14. That last flu shot I had was at Ft. Benning in 86. Three months after ended up in Martin army hospital with a 103 + or - fever. Upper respiratory infection. Spent 6 days in that place sweating it out. Blamed it on that shot and never looked back .

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