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  1. Say the feds pull back in Portland, and allow the rioters to access federal courthouse. Move in and make arrest. Those arrested could be charged with 2384 and may sing like canaries.
  2. When the time comes to defend our country against the scourge of communism, we shall rise up and fight them like there's no tomorrow. We will prove to the aging veterans, who gave so much to keep the commies from our shores. That we're willing to give also.
  3. On many levels we think alike. Kill a commie for your mommy was our slogan at Harmony Church 1984.
  4. I have those same cheap cabinets with the exact hardware. LOL.
  5. In 1983 my grandfather was killed and grandmother seriously injured by a black drunk driver. My grandmother spent 12 years of misery in a wheelchair before her death. Maybe my family deserves compensation from the black community for the pain and suffering that black man caused our family. I have records of my family as far back as 1820. My ancestors never owned a slave. I Have copies of their service records, Union Calvary and Infantry. So to all the leeches out there, Go fuck yourself !
  6. We're doing it because, we detest the human kind that wishes to impose their will on us. The ones that think they should be our rulers, that wish to enslave us. We are of a free spirited mind set that is burned into our DNA. It boils our blood to be accused of what they are actually doing, and to see the systematic destruction of a society that our forefathers envisioned. We are patriots, the last line of defense to turn back tyranny in the form of wretched communist. We want our descendants to live free, without the fears of oppression.
  7. The best I ever did was 274. I could do 57 pushups (correctly) in one minute, and max out in the second. Could never max the run. Told a customer today when he heard me groan trying to reach up to drill a hole, that was the sound of pain leaving my body. LOL. Hurts like hell. On another note, reinforcing the need for conditioning is as important as BRM. Hard to acquire target sucking wind.
  8. Thank you also. I hit 58 this year and despite three tears in my rotator cuff two months ago I'm still in better shape than most my age. As a carpenter I run up and down ladders and walk 12" walkboards without issues. Most people don't realize their abilities until they reach deep and convince themselves. Mind over matter. If you don't mind it don't matter.
  9. Some people are to embarrassed to exercise in front of other people. Get up early 4am. start slow. Pick a few stretches and exercises and stick with it . Alternate cardio one day and muscle endurance the next. Depending on your age and physical shape your running needs to be cautious at first to avoid demoralizing injury. By daylight you'll be done. Two weeks later you'll notice the difference. Increase intensity as you see fit. Set certain goals and motivate to meet them. Once a week pick a day to carry a ruck with some weight. I know most of you prior service know this info but the ones who don't could use it to get started. Remember HYDRATE the night before.
  10. I know an ole army grunt who went back to construction after 3 years active duty, 84-87. After 9/11 he felt compelled to try and help out, so he joined the army reserves at age 40. He was tough as nails and whipped himself into top shape. He obtained the rank of E-5 and his unit sent him to Drill Sergeant school. He completed the course and went on to train privates at Ft. Jackson with his reserve unit. If he could self motivate to get into shape, anyone can. That grunt was me.
  11. At least 3 months to build up the endurance needed function as a seasoned troop.
  12. The last decade or so weened me off Pro sports. Was a diehard nascar fan for over 30 years. I have plenty of things that occupy those voids. Time life will probably come out with video set from the past glory days of nascar that I would prefer to watch.

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