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  1. Reality, all diapers leak. After changing diaper the instinct is to wash hands. Humans don't have that for face diapers. Did not watch video, but have seen enough Drs. dispute effectiveness of face diapers. A friend of my son works in a prison, mandatory diaper rule. He got wuhan flu. Mild case but that's what he was told it was.
  2. How about that foul mouthed split tail sheila jackson lee, spike lee, and here's a good one jesse jackson. They can change their names to comrad piehole or asshole, and wear a butt tape hat. They are the poison of society.
  3. I have a mint condition thermos from my 1967 G.I. Joe lunch box. Mom gave us milk money instead and stored all the thermoses. It's a cool piece. The lunch box didn't make it.
  4. Try mercury capped with wax. A platoon member at Benning did that with a 357.
  5. A few years back he was oblama's labor secretary when he spewed that. It was shortly after the 08 recession. I thought he drowned in the cesspool he existed in.
  6. Reich (shit), I think is that asshole that said he didn't want these green jobs going to unemployed white construction workers.
  7. I hated them. They fouled up the gas ports and everything else. Before firing them I would soak that pig with oil so the carbon wouldn't stick as easy.
  8. The first one I carried was worn out. Fired live rounds but didn't like blanks. Went to armory one day to draw weapons and the armorer was smiling as he handed me a brand new one out of the box. It was like getting a Christmas present. At the range made it even better.
  9. Can't play video, eats up my data. I can imagine the fun he's having. I carried that pig for two years in the mid 80's. Out at NTC they gave me 1200 rounds for night fire by the time it was over I had 75 rounds left and two smoking hot barrels. What a blast. He's missing the bipod.
  10. Can't do the video, but the picture tells it all. Love to see it live.
  11. I hope that it works out that way. To many commies migrated to Va. to help Trump. Damned commies
  12. Find the go-carts and drop sugar cubes in the gas tank, and put some current on the flag pole. Use a small cable instead of rope.
  13. There is a militia near you. Go to top of page and check militia tab for your area code. Welcome.
  14. Fuck the nfl, love hearing about their plummeting ratings. As with all the other saps that support the commies, the day will come they regret it. The coward who shot those officers should be dropped in the la Brea tar pits.

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