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  1. Here’s the issue guys... we are not in 1775. There is no standing army with us. There are no battle tested leaders. 1,2,3 Gen Warfare is not possible. The enemy owns all communications, so 5th Gen is impossible. We have overwhelming enemy forces that are already occupying our country in every facet of our lives. They own media, schools, the judicial, the legislature, soon the executive federally, they’ve already got executive on state level, military, etc, etc, etc... Look at successful wars against overwhelming enemy occupation... I think of Afghanistan v Russia, Vietn
  2. Imagine what we as real patriots can do when we come together. We don’t need billions like these Soros funded groups. We can make due with only hundreds or thousands... why? Because we are ingenious and our purpose is pure. Imagine if 1000 patriots did $5, or 500 did $10, or 250 did $20... the truth that can be shown from this small donation is unimaginable. We aren’t trying to convert people at this point; we are keeping a record of the truth of what real patriots have to do to save this country and helping to spread the message to more patriots! Our cause is righteous, our b
  3. I am not sure it actually overheated. Someone suggested that he was there with several of the streamers that he re-streams (copyrights violation btw) and he made up that excuse to save face and not piss them off more.

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