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  1. History is full of examples of a smaller, less equipped, less trained force beating the larger military.
  2. Or reload and cast your own bullets. 1000 9mm reloaded cost me 37 bucks.
  3. Anyone I can contact? Been trying for awhile. I dont have facebook. If its a vetting issue, let me know what you need from so I can pass any vetting. Thanks
  4. Well, guess i will do a little research and try to figure out a way to casually contact this lady, and go from there
  5. So, reading thru all this got my brain turning. Long story short. A lady I know is a white organizer theat works with BLM....she is a college professor. She is always trying to recruit white people to help and show up, to show solidarity. Wouldnt be a bad way to gather intel on whats going on....if i could act the part well enough... Thoughts?
  6. As my father always says, "Its not what you shoot, its what you hit" Love my AR, but its being replaced by the new, and ugly, Ruger PC9 carbine. Hits steel plates at a 100 yrds all day long. 200 yrds, takes just a tad of aiming. I will take it over an overdressed and under utilized AR any day.
  7. When the day comes, that militias have to stand up and fight.....state lines will be of little consequence
  8. That has to be the fanciest way to say, "We are raising y'alls taxes" I have ever heard. Smart, i bet all those on the left are clapping and cant wait.
  9. I just found 3000 small pistol primers....22 bucks a thousand. I was happier than the day I lost my virginity
  10. Luckily, never had a major one. Firefighting school showed me that being a firefighter would never be a second career
  11. To me, it is neither right nor left. By its nature it crushes both sides.
  12. I see the "Republic" in danger. The individual is no longer protected from the masses. We will always be a democracy, ofcourse....even Russians vote in elections.
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