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  1. As far as I know, there is no organization. Just a state-wide loose group of, I dont know how many people. Might be useful if there is a slow moving crisis, but impractical for fast response, unless a member happens to live down the street from you. Since you're in N. Wilm., it would take me about 30-40 mins. to get there to help out. I recommend that if you know someone near you who is interested in teaming up in a time of trouble, that you each make a commitment to do so, and take it from there. I've done that with a pal of mine who lives 2 blocks away. I feel good about it. Hope this helps in some small way.
  2. You,re right, David. Not aware of any meetings. I,m from New Castle county. You?
  3. Sorry buddy, will be taking my wife to the doctors almost every day next week. I'd still like to meet someday soon to talk about "militia." Keep me posted.
  4. I like your attitude! I plan on shooting on Weds. Is there a chance that you and I could meet at a range between hear and Rehobeth? If not, perhaps meeting for a cup of coffee so we could talk?
  5. I assume you have to have a membership at Bridgeville in order to shoot. But I'll check it out anyway. I know what you mean about Shooters choice. Cold is right in the winter. Elk Neck in Maryland is outdoors. But I still like it, hot or cold.
  6. From Delaware City, New Castle county. Like you, I thought I was alone in thinking that supporting a militia was a good idea at this time. I'm retired. I shoot once a week at either Elk Neck shooting range in MD, or at Shooter's Choice in Dover. Do you know of any tactical shooting ranges in lower DE or eastern MD?
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