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  1. https://www.madisonjamesresearchchems.com/product/formula-plus-capsules-300mg/ it was marked as a combatant to covid, but uncle sam mad him change the name and description...
  2. It really doesn't seem so. I was really hoping it was going to be, and yet...
  3. i just joined, myself. Good to meet you. Im in Richmond County. HBU?
  4. Ok, so forgive future typos as i'm doing this from the phone and it struck me to ask... If i'm understanding correctly, based on the Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law (Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242), no one has to quarantine or keep their business closed. Any executive order, peace-time or otherwise, cannot violate ANY constitutional right. IF i understand correctly (and I really hope there are some lawyers and law enforcement officers who can help me if I don't properly comprehend), Law Enforcement shouldn't enforce said executive orders, and if they did, not only would it be "thrown out of court", but the person signing the executive order AND anyone who enforces it, could be held liable and could potentially face jailtime. Help me out here, folks.
  5. How long we gonna let the govs steal our rights?

  6. artichoku


  7. What do you all think about this and what happened with the arrests during protests? Constitutionally speaking, the city requires a permit to protest and one wasn't issued, but do you think the state has the constitutional right to require a permit in the first place? Thoughts? People really need to get back to work. Small business owners are falling too far behind to recover. Reported suicides all over the US where stay-at-home orders are in place. Whats the right move here?
  8. Hey folks. Just joined and wanted to to say hello. I'm in Richmond County. How bout' y'all?

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