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  1. PTR-91s are excellent rifles, but I don’t think they should be your first priority. Track down a good 7.62x39 ak and you can take down deer all day, get yourself a standard duty handgun and THEN get yourself a PTR-91. just be aware most militias use AR-15s, even the Communist ones so resupply of an ak is about as unlikely as a foreign invasion. You are limited to the amount of mags and ammo you bring in a firefight.
  2. I like em personally but they definitely do not hold a candle to M14 or M1 Garand sights. There’s a few peep sight replacements.
  3. I’ve had a lot of aks and I love them. I like aks tremendously more than AR-15s. I only have NATO aks now, which are superior to Combloc Cal. Aks in every way but accessibility. AR-15s are the most accessible firearms in America for militia purposes and very reliable too. If your DI AR-15 only shoots about 235rds before you encounter malfunctions then you need a better AR-15. No matter what people say budget AR-15s are not “jUsT aS goOd”.
  4. Ideally you’re looking at about 5% of the III%ers and keyboard commandos actually training and being ready to defend. The rest like to just talk on the internet. We’re not ready for anything until more people stop talking and start doing.
  5. Another very important skill that I forgot to mention is tracking, or rather knowing how to erase your own tracks. Tracking others ties in to the aforementioned observational skills. All the technical manuals, field manuals, and course material for the various branches sniper schools are available for free online in pdf format. Recommend you all check them out, worth the effort to actually learn the right way to do things. The only real downside is that you don’t get classroom experience with actual snipers which is probably more valuable of a resource than a bunch of books.
  6. I think you all are missing the point. Being a good shot does not inherently make you a sniper. Snipers roles are primarily reconnaissance, with a huge focus on stealth, evasion and survivalism. Being able to shoot a can off a post at 1,000 yards is a great skill to have but not even a fraction of the required skills and knowledge of being a competent sniper. You need to have both the mental and physical fortitude to sneak deep behind enemy lines and lay in waiting for hours, sometimes days barely moving, and then do the same thing on the way out. You need to know how to use not o
  7. Anarcho-primitivist with a splash of Libertarianism and a hint of capitalism I guess.
  8. I’m cheap and don’t value my life too much so I have AR-500 III+ plates. I think these were on the list of NIJ approved plates but not entirely sure. Bought them before I knew much about armor and haven’t really had the desire to buy different plates despite knowing how inferior they are to other plates.
  9. Think you’re going to have to define “sniper” because there is MUCH more to being an actual sniper than just being able to shoot a target at a distance. Snipers need to be proficient in many different fieldcrafting skillsets to survive as well as being proficient in their shooting skills. It takes years to develop snipers in a military environment, not skills you’re going to be able to pick up sitting in a blind or treestand.
  10. I’ve never had a problem with rust on my carry guns and they’re all black nitrided finish. I’ve carried them hiking from climates like Georgia during the summer to Michigan in the winter IWB with 3-6 month intervals between the last preventative maintenance session, depending on the last shooting session. What matters is the type of preservative you use not how often it’s applied. Use CLP or synthetic motor oil and it’ll be fine.
  11. The 229 and M11-A1 are going to be the closest to your criteria. I carry a 229 pretty regularly and you won’t notice any difference. There’s also the Cz999s and EZ9s as well. Why stainless steel? Blued and nitrided finishes work fine.
  12. Not a bad idea but on the same token you can buy a Savage Axis with a scope in a more modern, widely available .30 caliber cartridge. A scoped Enfield removes the main and in my opinion most useful feature, and that was the clips/chargers. I have a sporterized Ishapore 2A1 that I got in a trade that I regret doing, there's something about sporterized rifles that doesn't feel right.
  13. Yeah but have any of you seen Die Hard? They don't use 9mm aks or AR-15s in Die Hard.
  14. PTR-91 and FALs are the most reliable battle rifle platforms in my experience. There’s a reason why more than 90 countries adopted the G3 and FAL. .308 aks are the least reliable which I think is somewhat ironic as the ak is known to be one of the most reliable. Largely due to magazines more than the rifles themselves.
  15. It all boils down to the purpose. For a fun gun? Go ahead. For a gun to defend your home/property? I would get an ar-15 pistol instead if compactness is what you want. Also if you’re looking to save a few bucks PTR manufactures an MP5 clone and Zenith imports one from Turkey. There’s a few other manufacturers but they’re defunct. Functionally the same guns for about $500 off.

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