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  1. All Indiana militia members,,, what has happened in Seattle can happen in your town,,, We have whitnessed what poor inept leadership leads to,,,, what have your local elected officials done for you during these lockdowns,,, did they put in place a task force to monitor and watch for price increases,, did they reach out to the business community ,,, Did they even think about the impact economically on the community they serve,,,, Hell no,,,, they locked you up and muzzles your butts... Forced you to comply never once thought of Constitutional rights,,,, Time to Organize now ,, power in Numbers and start holding your local government accountable,,, Remember your aren't braking law,,, your forcing them to enforce the vary law they swore a oath to.

  2. Would one militia person from the Seattle area please explain why they haven't gone in there yet and liberated the city,,,, Maybe I'm missing something.,,

  3. Got your email address brother,,, yes is your answer,,, logistics and legalities under Constitutional law are very important at this time,,, there is a right way to effectively achieve what needs to be done,,, it's the long term ,, needs to be your focus,,, propaganda and criminal elements are implementing their short term weak minded agendas ,,, police are stagnant and in complete disarray without competent leadership,,, Constitutional law is being broken every day by government and law enforcement ,,,,And the people aren't digging it.... Be patient watch what is unfolding and prepare mentality and physically ,,, just remember there is a legal and ethical way to finish this and it is definitely being handled,, You have already made a difference just by being a part of this,,, It's the numbers we need to build for now. Stand by brother.
  4. Taking down war monuments from our history,,, just freaking wonderful man,,, when are they going to start shooting veterans. Hell we're non-essential anyway.

  5. Let's set back and look at reality,,, this site is a platform for like minded people to express opinion on things that mean a lot to them... Most our people that all agree on the main issues at hand,,, I'm sure some have even stepped up to actually get something going to try and make a difference,,,, they are to be commended, for that effort....  Let's face it,,, this site isn't any different than a site for guys who love motorcycles,,, or a site that loves gardening,,, like minded people with opinions on a website that sells tee shirts, and hats . Under the current situation of what's going on in our country under the content of this site people are now looking for leadership and direction.. have current long time members on this site taken initiative to go to local police stations and get copies of the police arrest records of the officers in their communities,,, these records are open for public view,,,, That creates change,,, then attend council meetings calling out these people,,, holding the local government accountable,,, has anyone stepped up to drive 80 miles to help some local guys organize and set up some directive,,, the problem here is the same problem our local government,,, our local police ,,and state government has,,,,, piss poor leadership and organization.... All of us on here are just as guilty,,, Now is not the time to turn tail and run... Step up or run to another site and express opinion,,, without any effect,, buy tee shirts and hats,,, I don't mind people that like that approach even that helps some,,, Now it's time for commitment and sacrifice and leadership,,, granted some just can't change their own little world for something as big  as what faces us,,, But that little world of theirs is going to change and not for the better,,,, those who are serious about our Constitutional rights and our way of life  don't get caught up in all the propaganda that has caused division ,,,, even people on this site have succumbed to it,, you guys that are truly American Constitutionalist stay strong stay focused and turn to the people here that have not waivered ,,,,, believe me this site is working it's a platform  it's a start ,,, it's starting to gain leadership,,, Don't give up being a American,,,, just start acting like one,,,, that can still think,, what is happening is clear,,and focus on what needs to be done..


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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Pretty observant,,, People really need to research and investigate,,, look we all want everyone treated equal,,, want to be treated with our character,,, cops killing, people  discussting no matter what color,,,  if people would look at the facts,,,, more white people are killed than Blacks,, statistically,,, Blacks are 15 percent of this country,,,, 65 percent off violent crime is committed by 15 percent of our population,,,, 100 percent of white color crime is committed by wealthy white people... We are in serious jeopardy,,,, and people get caught up in agendas out of emotional reaction,,,, not based on statisical rational facts... 

    3. Nail Driver

      Nail Driver

      Just to let you know my position, I have customers who are black. I treat all with respect. I don't use color to judge people. They like my work and call me back. Work around Hispanics on occasion, they're hard workers. If they see me struggling with material they jump in and help. If it wasn't for the political agitators the world would be a better place. It boils down to egos and control freaks. I was raised just above the poverty level. Worked like a dog to provide for my family, still do. Will fight like hell to stay free and keep what I earned.

    4. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      You are dead right,,, I feel exactly the same way,,,, served with and worked with all races,,, all our just like me ,,,, worked hard and did the best they could,,, they love their families,, and stand to lose their way of life to.... We need all races incorporated in this effort,,, I sure as hell didn't look at  race during the war.. A black marine pulled my but out of a burning Huey,, We need to forget race and build this  As Americans,,, That's The directive here,,, It's up to us to do this,,,, One way or another,,,if people get caught up in the division and fall to the propaganda not much we can do,,,, Stay focused and realize what is happening in our country. Its not really a fight for your race,,, More a fight for being  a American. You are a good citizen ,,, But you are also a good cc American,,, It's America that calls you brother,,, what kind of country do we want our children to live in,,,, That's the driving force.

  6. The criminals are now taking over,,, protestors are mixed in with the criminal element. Blacks looting ,,,young white and black men fighting,,,young white men young white girls ,, holding Black lives matter signs are taking the blunt of the police cc brutality.. the criminal elements are spilling the violence into the suburbs,,, police  patrolling the suburbs ,,, with loud speaker telling people to stay in their homes,,,, Race war is very close.


  7. What's up with the unidentifiable troops in DC  man.

    1. SmokeydaMayor


      Asked who they’re with, these guys say only that they’re with “The Department of Justice.”


  8. You are right on point.

  9. It's imperative to organize,, and plan ,,, time for leadership, commitment, and organized effort personal email is [email protected]
  10. Martial law is starting to be implemented,,, for the government to take total control,,,and using these freaking criminal elements to activate it in the name for your protection,,, their narrative is to associate protestors and rioters as the same,,,yet only peaceful protestors are being attacked by police,,,, never see them waiting for the criminals,,,  What really is scary the president is helping the media spread the narritive militia and white supremacists are responsible for the destroying.... Let's face it,,, I haven't seen anything like that,,, only young white girls and young white men holding up black lives matter signs and a few caring black people being beat gassed and arrested,,, young Black People. Running out of buildings with their arms full,,,,and you and I are the terrorists,,, Because the true Americans , Constitutionalist armed and are willing to sacrifice for our country is what they fear. 

  11. Got it brother Good,,, email you real soon,,,,stand fast.
  12. Hey brother I was a 0311/ 0316  long range rec,, ran oops out of Dung ha Vietnam/,,,, after the war was out for a couple of months didn't dig the scene or probably had a rough time adjusting so joined the Army ,,,was a ranger served at fort Stewart,, Panama,, fort,, Benning,,, after that I guess I just had enough,,,3 years in the Marines 6 years in the Army. Been a rough ride ever since.

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      I know sometimes ,,, you feel why and have that feeling in your gut brother,,,  We made it home brother,,,, sometimes I feel like I wish I hadn't,,,, and now after all we gave and our brothers who gave even more,, our government is spitting on us again,,,even worse they spitting on them,,,,, now you and I are considered Terrorists by the very government we defended,,and our government are more like the government we fought against,,,, Looks like we never came home brother,,,so we might as well make one more stand,,,we owe it to ourselves and brothers that didn't make it. I'm really struggling with all this brother.

    3. Headhunter


      I'm showing my age,  now.  It was Benning, it was Ft. Bragg where I did basic.


      One last stand. I hear that.  At least, the President declared ANTIFA to be a terrorist group, today.  I'm waiting to see the big roundup, before I get too excited.

    4. Kenguythe rooster
  13. Constitutional rights have now been shredded,,, Martial law has been institued and it is now against the law to assemble... When do we move. Please  we our loosing our country.

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    2. serpent88


      well ur doin better than us up here. were spread out all along northern indiana and i cant seem to find a group to join and iv been on here tryin to see if we can make a group

    3. Headhunter


      It's a problem, and that's a fact.  And when push/comes/to/shove time, we'll have to do some serious vetting of the new people, lest the enemy come among us.

    4. serpent88


      ahh, boot lickers

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