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  1. As I watch this unfold,, and see ordinance being issued on local levels (go down the list) These tyrants are acting like this is law. Ordinance are request they do not surpersede the constitution. Educate yourself on your rights this gives you power over these tyrants. Remember a well informed soilder perfomes well,,,a poorly informed soilder perfomes poorly. Wining Hearts and minds of the American people should be your focus. Americans do not trust this government ,,,they will follow those that protect them. Every militia should show up at public ralleys to protect and support rights. The local militia missed a opportunity in Mississippi at the church that went on with the service,,, They should have reacted and protected their rights. Every act these tyrants do should have a motion filed and flood  the local courts. It's a 2 front war. Hit them legally and in the field with support at group gatherings. These tyrants will make a mistake they always do. 

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