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  1. The coup to take over our constitution is in full force. Hope the American people enjoy the new American Socialist Republic. It's sickens me that we haven't even made a weak attempt to fight back. where is the modern day Fort Sumter or when . How much more will it take. What point will it be to late.

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      Kenguythe rooster

      Been studying FBI tactics and training principals . LoL pretty much a poorly managed undisciplined org. As compared to others throughout the world. Seems it's a lot like Marine boot camp as far as the mental conditioning and brainwashing. Don't get me wrong loved being a marine. The training I had in the army was much more tactical. What is impressive about FBI agents are the prior military trained agents, the discipline is automatic. Actually love what they do and believe in Constitutional law. Talking with a few I have been friends with over the years we had a common interests pretty decent guys. It seemed they didn't much care for their leadship and all of them agreed in general they enjoyed the military much more. Problem is today as in most orgs they have become delusional in self importance and power. Look at the record over the years , Every opp as ended in disaster and embarrassment. They realize it. And they are very aware that corruption and politics are their only strength. American people have the numbers and the resources. American constitution defenders are on the side of law. Just plain everyday people who practice God given rights under this law if implemented in the spirit of our forefathers and willing to pay the same price will not be defeated. Remember we aren't the insurgents even though the corrupt tyrants have tried to make us out to be. The people have watched them and see how they react ,,,I was part of a pole taken on this very subject. Militia was overwhelming regarded as a bright light in American eyes. That was a couple years ago. 35 percent higher militia membership in the last 6 weeks . Tyrants are being exposed, tyrannical Government orgs are being exposed,,, Hell the POTUS has had enough of the corruption and treason by the FBI. Yes things in our beloved country are looking pretty bleak right now ,,,, American Patriots like you and I and Heroes like lavoy Finnicum are the majority,,,And the line in the Sand is about to drawn. Be Viligent and rational my BROTHERS.

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