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  1. Personally,,,,,, calling nurses front line warriors is a slap in the face of every veteran that has laid in the snow at valley forge,, every soilder that fell at Gettesburg.

    Every man that died in the trenches in WW 1. Every man that survived the battels of WW2. Every pow that spent months in a Chinese prison camp in Korea. To all of us that suffered in the jungles of Vietnam. Only to come home and are still suffering today. The brave soilders with many toures in the middle east. Don't get me wrong all these medical workers are brave dedicated Americans that deserve our respect.  Actually it is very disrespectful for this tyrantfull government to use them as propaganda for this overthrowing of our constitution, or our way of life as a American. Now I'm starting to realize how it must of felt to have lived in the days Nazis gained power. 

    WE ARE AMERICANS,,, it's time to start acting like it.

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    2. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      Your uncle is hero brother. Be very proud of him. I miss brothers I served with more and more every day. Now I have a new unit to serve with,,, each and every one of you guys. Thanks for being here man. You are important and essential.

    3. Nail Driver

      Nail Driver

      Thank you. I have a 16x18 picture of the Manila American Cemetery. My Dad requested it back in 1997 from the American Battle Monuments Commission. The lower right hand corner shows a close up of my uncles cross. When you look at it in the context of todays political climate, you can't help but wonder what would they say and do. When I served in the 80s the commies were the enemy. Now they are established within our borders and do little to hide it. I pray for a Trump victory in November, for my kids sake and the country. It's our best hope.

    4. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      You got it brother. It will feel good to fight for freedom this time right here for the American people. We owe it to all those guys to secure what they gave thier lives for. Believe me brother are freedom is in serious jeopardy. 

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