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  1. Everyone ,,,I have always ended my post with ""be rational"" the rational move is to act. Trade emails start meeting start forming ,, it's a numbers game now. Overwhelming numbers of militia defending Constitutional rights and holding these tyrants accountable is only option at this point. Chain of command and rules of engagement need to be priority. Our whole way of life has changed. Think of a Jewish shop owner and his family in Germany in 1938. You are him in 2020 as unbelievable as it was to him  yes it is unbelievable for you. Only you can change that same fate. Race, nationality,  rich, poor  Democrats Republican,or Independent, It's a American fight for freedom. Remember we are acting according to law. They have chosen to brake The law. Guys people realize that.,,,, American people are looking for leadership we need to be that.look let's be real here,,,, they have trained for this fight for years and won't hesitate to ,,,, well you get the point. We aren't looking forward to it ,,,we just plain don't have a choice.  Believe me they can't wait,,,,

    GOD bless you,,, Thank you for standing for your family , your neighbor,all whole have died for what was a beautiful country.

    1. serpent88


      Good example of how we are loosing freedom,  but yes trading emails is pretty important at this point and us in northwest Indiana and people near by need to make events and see what we can pull together. Still none the less lets get our logistics together. History is a lot darker than we realize.

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