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  1. We in this country ,, are at a crossroads ,,, As the only country left in this world with Total freedom. In order to create a world of enslavement that the globalist are working hard to achieve,,,,, this country must fall. It just plain comes down to what do we want as Americans... Believe me if we take this country back so will most other countries they will follow suit,,,, if we roll over and comply it will brake the back of free people all over the globe,,,and we will asend into one world government. It's here it's being implemented and the world is waiting,,,,at this point we as Americans look pretty much whipped.. gut check and make a decision,,,,it has become that important.. it has become freedom or enslavement,,,, nothing else,,,, what do you want.

    1. Kenguythe rooster

      Kenguythe rooster

      This isn't about going to get a haircut or going to the gym.  They are using that testing the waters seeing the reaction.handcuffing business owners for opening up ,,,, let's see they didn't brake any law ,,,,yet there's that cop gladly placing them under arrest hauling them to jail,,,then the local government fining them thousands. Takes us back to the cop,,, braking the law violating people's rights the vary people that pay him. What's been happening to the cops that stand with the constitution,,, being fired.. they are cleaning their ranks. When you see these cops that's are braking the law willing you are looking at the enemy of the Constitutional law. Don't be afraid of standing for this country you are the hero not that criminal.... these tyrants our out numbered and will run like the coward's they are when the masses come for them.

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