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  1. Martial law is starting to be implemented,,, for the government to take total control,,,and using these freaking criminal elements to activate it in the name for your protection,,, their narrative is to associate protestors and rioters as the same,,,yet only peaceful protestors are being attacked by police,,,, never see them waiting for the criminals,,,  What really is scary the president is helping the media spread the narritive militia and white supremacists are responsible for the destroying.... Let's face it,,, I haven't seen anything like that,,, only young white girls and young white men holding up black lives matter signs and a few caring black people being beat gassed and arrested,,, young Black People. Running out of buildings with their arms full,,,,and you and I are the terrorists,,, Because the true Americans , Constitutionalist armed and are willing to sacrifice for our country is what they fear. 

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