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  1. A coal plant? Old turbines and test chemicals most likely. I like documenting historic locations and studying the process of structural decay. I planned on going up there at some point anyway, and it shouldn't be too far from you. If you're fairly adventurous and not too much of a liability, you're welcome to tag along if you like. It's kind of like a covert operation depending on the security.
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble Jenn, but I'm definitely not the gun expert, at least comparatively speaking. I would maybe recommend finding local shooting ranges or gun stores and talk to some of the people in there. Some of those dudes are encyclopedias. That being said, if you have any interest in exploring an abandonded power plant in Bainbridge, let me know.
  3. If you can handle gardening and renovation, I think you're already better off than most people. I'm like two and a half hours south of you. Was there anything you were looking to learn in particular?
  4. What part of New York? I'm in the Poconos in Northeast PA, south of the Scranton area. I operate independently but I could share some skills.
  5. As some may have already heard, the embarassment to my state, Pennsylvania Fuher Tom Wolf, is now employing WWII German Stasi police tactics. https://expressforms.pa.gov/apps/pa/doh/COVID-19-Complaint In the above link, Karens can snitch on neighbors they hate to Harrisburg. This is unnacceptable and in the name of Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers, I propose all citizens of this state, this nation, and any other freedom loving territory immediately take action and show state politicians that this simply will not stand. Despite the draconian lockdown, the govenor's "essential" cabinet business remains open. Wolf Home Products 20 W Market St, York, PA 17401 (800) 388-9653 You know what to do, patriots. Make our founders proud.
  6. Yep, my state just got caught artificially inflating the numbers. Hard to tell if this is agenda pushing or just incompetence. https://www.theblaze.com/news/pennsylvania-forced-to-remove-hundreds-from-covid-19-death-count-over-glaring-irregularities
  7. Let's get something straight here, there's a lot of shady shit going on in the United States right now, but there's very little scientific evidence to support the fact that 5G technology is in any way related, outside of the usual Chinese and NSA surveillance shenanigans. I'm old enough to remember these theories being proposed with every new iteration of communication technology, and I fail to see how this time it's any different. Your paranoia is healthy and appreciated, however. As for the vaccine thing, vaccines have been around for centuries, some good and some bad. Before they had needles they just exposed you to an infected person outright. (Chicken pox parties, anyone?) A modern vaccine is just a more convenient and USUALLY safer way of accomplishing that goal. That being said, the idea of mandatory vaccines should disturb every individual who truly values liberty. Let's do our best to sort out the real conspiracies from the nonsense. Our enemies will use any excuse they can to discredit and confuse us, and we have to stay alert to this. If anyone wants to know what's really going on while everyone is locked down, just take a look at the gun restrictions rolled out in Virginia, or the relentless coordinated attacks on a fairly elected president by the media.
  8. Appreciate the explanation and the graphic. This is valuable information to have out there. If I'm understanding correctly, you believe we're just seeing the lower "active supporter" nodes go quiet while the puppet masters are still operating in the shadows. I think you hit the nail on the head as to why nihilist radicals are a concern. It takes a lot more to build and maintain a civilized society than it does to tear one down.
  9. Come on, you didn't even mention his previous history of coronavirus pandemic simulations, using third worlders as HPV vaccine guinea pigs, multiple meetings with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Microsoft's pulled ad featuring satanic performance artist Marina Abramovic, and his previous statements about overpopulation. I'm not saying the dude is clean. I'm saying that in an investigation you have to find facts before you jump to conclusions. It's the American way.
  10. Interesting. I was always under the assumption that it wasn't so much of a network as it was independent groups of loosely organized copycats held together only by identical school cirriculums and news media talking points. An organic outcome of carefully coordinated leftist brainwashing if you will. If what you're saying is true, then there must be some sort of entry point. A place where the common dumbass who wants to join can enter the ranks and gain access to their communications. Where is that though? 4chan? Somewhere on the deep web? It should be a priority to figure this out, if we don't know already. This is all assuming these people are actual threats, of course. I've seen their stupid grafitti around college towns here in Pennsylvania, and I know they trashed this cop's bar in Philadelphia earlier this year. That was before the lockdown, though. I get the feeling a lot have changed their tune since then. Either way, they don't scare me, but they might prove to be useful idiots if turned against our enemies. Just a thought.
  11. With colleges closed and the left-wing media telling their drones to shelter in place, it appears that radical far-left extremism has dropped off the radar for now. The question is, does this movement later resurface with a vengeance, or has the lockdown finally knocked some sense into these kids? https://www.reddit.com/r/AntifascistsofReddit/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/ If these subreddits are anything to go by, I'm not particularly concerned. There is very little in the form of actual organization or calls to action right now, and the most recent posts appear to consist only of edgy socialist memes and tips for snowflakes on coping with the lockdown. Do we know of any other places these people would communicate openly online so we can monitor and/or subvert them? Should we even care? They seem to be weakening, and with Trump Derangement Syndrome on the decline, who knows how long their existence will even continue. Still, never underestimate hormonal teenagers.
  12. It's hard to know the extent Gates is involved in this, but the circumstantial evidence out there certainly points to there being at least some connection. Whether he knew exactly what his money was being used for or not remains to be seen. What we do is know is the man has a lot of ground to gain for his personal agenda here. A "utopian" society where everyone is free of disease thanks to a benevolent father figure, the climate has stabilized thanks to a lower human population, and everyone is permanently plugged into the network so data can be collected for the greater good. I'm not saying the man's an outright supervillian, but even the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you ask me, I wouldn't trust him.
  13. I agree that the lockdown is pretty much counterproductive at this stage of the game. People are more aware of infectious diseases now than they ever were. It's not as if tomorrow we open the gates and everyone is outside licking doorknobs. We can't cause mass global starvation just because our politicians don't trust some of us to be responsible. There are always going to be idiots out there, but last I checked in this country you have the freedom to be stupid if you want.
  14. The mortality rate was never really the issue, SARS II just spreads so rapidly it causes chaos wherever it goes. It's like having your entire years worth of flu deaths all happen in the same week. That's why you see hospitals in Italy or New York City all of a sudden just get slammed out of nowhere. It's very possible this virus was bred or hybridized to do this in the Wuhan coronavirus lab, although it also could have evolved naturally in an isolated setting like a cave. Despite no signs of modern gene editing, the virus does possess a startling variety of transmission methods with erie similarities to known stomach bugs and cold viruses.
  15. I definitely agree the MLK approach to civil disobedience is the way to go. Tried and true, don't fix what ain't broken. I've actually been thinking very seriously about starting an alternative media source myself lately. Seeing various religions, the constitution, and the scientific method stomped on by irresponsible "journalists" (who are usually just activists) boils my blood. From my years of experience in broadcast and studio recording, I defintiely have the skills required to pull this off at a professional level, along with most of the equipment. In reality I mostly just need studio space and manpower at this point. I am all for the cause if it doesn't bankrupt me.

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