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  1. Still waiting ? By my count we have 15 tentative members of the 740 ACM looking to meet and greet ! Get in on the ground floor as a "Plank Owner" and Charter Member !
  2. Lets get the ball rolling here , I can either Lead , Follow and/or get out of your way lol , The weather has been pretty good and if COVID-19 is your concern we can meet at my place out in the country , I have a large garage that will hold a number of people and yet still leave room for "social distancing" , If agreeable maybe we can set a date to have a cook-out/ meet and greet ??
  3. I am looking to see if there is ANY interest in really getting it started besides my own ?? I realize the COVID-19 has certainly changed the outlook for the future and not necessarily for the best ! I believe in being somewhat prepared for what life dishes out to you and in my 63 years of living I have never seen this kind of turmoil that does what all this is doing , Militia is not a BAD word at all its being made out to be ! There is NOTHING wrong with preparedness in any form . Nor is there anything wrong with being armed ! There are many many ways to be prepared and I think that knowledge is key to that , there is no laws against being a true Patriot and loving your country and all that its freedoms allow is there ? I for one am not a bigot , or racist , I have biracial relatives and served in the military U.S. Navy to be exact and on the 1st ship in the Navy to have women onboard , Many of those I served with were some of the finest people I ever had the privilege of serving with and they were of many different colors and religious persuasions , There is such a thing as a " Band of Brothers , and Sisters , We had each others backs at all times and you get to know that person fairly well , We shared our pictures of our kids , talked of our parents and family as well as acknowledged our heredity , Some people Either can not or will not acknowledge the hate and also the hurt that was endured by many for simply being who they are . We have to do better !! Lets get the 740 ACM up and running asap , alone we are a target , together we are strong !! Let me know if you are interested in getting going and you and I can get get this done together !! Tom
  4. I have posted numerous time about getting the 740 ACM up and running with no replies , I am only one man and would like to get us at least communicating together if we still cant meet face to face ! I am offering the use of my garage to have a meet and greet and its big enough to practice social distancing ! IF this Covid-29 does take a turn for the worse and our economy goes to hell all :WE" will have is each other ! If you are interested message me for my email address ! Right now our numbers are perfect for a small group that has the incentive to develop and grow and build a good foundation ! Sincerely, Tom
  5. Yes you do have big shoes to fill here but we are glad to be of help and all until you get your bearings and Welcome to the site !!!
  6. Sorry to see you go ! You have done one hell of a job and I for one will miss you and your contributions to this site and for militias in general ! Tom
  7. So here we sit , almost 2 weeks have passed since my last post , I have been occasionally taking a small cruise just to get out of the house and see whats going on out "there" , I have my mask always ready but usually just stay in the car and I see that traffic is very light , kind of reminds me of Christmas a newy years day traffic ! I keep watching the news and shaking my head ! I was just informed that one of my cousin's passed away yesterday supposedly from Covid-19 here in fairfield county !
  8. anyone interested in something like that whenever we are out from under this national emergency , I would like to find out how sincere we are in being ready for the next big crisis and put what we learned from this one to good use and help each other be better prepared ! I for one am a 62 y.o disabled Navy Vet and love meeting like minded people who share my love for God and Country and for my fellow man and of course the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of this great country !
  9. I just posted this on Facebook In these trying times when we must stand alone we can still stand alone together ! Support your local Area Code Militia's !! These are NOT hate groups , I repeat NOT hate groups and bigotry and hatred of any kind to any one are NOT tolerated https://www.mymilitia.com/militias/195-740-militia/ Area code militias formed in 2020 and are coordinated and commanded by members within the locale. They are independent and not directed by a national command and are forbidden to operate beyond state lines. These militias are not intended to replace local units but too instead supplement them by identifying "points of contact" across the United States to establish and enhance area militia units. The leaders of the First Regiments will take the members in under their Unit, point members to already established units in their area or help them organize. These leaders will be people in good standing on the site and in their communities and must not possess any sort of blind aggression or delusions of grandeur. They must be aligned with the My Militia sites overall standards and mission. Right now more than ever we must stand together or fall apart ! We have seen the hoarding already and it will get worse as time goes by !! It costs nothing to join and very little is required to belong except for the need to band together and help one another get thru this with like minded people who are in this to win it ! We are stronger together than we are apart !! Feel free to PM me for any further questions or check out https://www.mymilitia.com/ for yourself and look into your Area Code Militia !
  10. Like I said before unconstitutional or not it is the right thing to do for now ! We can argue our bill of rights later AFTER this is on the decline , The MAIN thing is to be safe as possible by staying from other people infected or not !This Coronavirus has a 14 day incubation period where you are already ill and contagious but dont know that and be spreading it around unknowingly ! I would rather see the gubmint pro-active than have them sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring it !
  11. I live in the boonies and grew up out here , We were preppers before prepping even had a name lol ! I am good for 30 days or more and thats my usual status , I have gas for the genny and am thinking about trying to build a wood gassifier to run it when thats gone !
  12. The weather is going to break soon and this Flu BS will be a thing of the past and I know that I for one will be ready to get out of the house for a bit and have a meet and greet type event for the 740 ACM , Make a weekend out of it by camping somewhere and hanging out together ! We could do a membership drive as well !! Any one who got caught unprepared for this Flu bug without anything will be looking to sign up lol ! We can BS about prepping and such and possibly help one another do better the next time something shitty like this happens !! What do you all think ??
  13. Having a genny really is like winning the lottery but I found out real quick about quieting mine down when one weekend shortly after buying my 1st generator we had a power outage and I ended up with my 2 of my neighbors food stuffed into my little chest freezer for 3 days lol ! I live in what used to be the "boonies" now more a less a suburb but still a little country left to it , I live in a bowl shaped area that bounces sound all over the countryside so a running engine can really destroy your op-sec lol I grew up out here and was fortunate enough to get hold of 2 acres of old family land to build on and moved my family and mother in law out here in 2001 , Them and my kids had grown up in the land of Cable TV , The blossoming (at the time) Internet and the rare power outage ! Shortly after moving out here we experienced our 1st power outage and my family went nuts w/o electricity and running water ! I learned that I may as well plan ahead and I started trying to be a little more ready for the next one and I did it fairly inexpensively by picking stuff up at the Dollar Stores and such places like yard sales where I found a like new $800.00 generator for $250.00 ! I came home with my generator and told my Wife that I had bought it , She went nuts and got pisssed off at me saying "We didnt "need" that !" !! 2 weeks later the power went out for over a week and I went from a Zero to Hero really fast !! lol
  14. yahoo.com/gma/engineer-tried-crash-train-usns-mercy-los-angeles-233500380--abc-news-topstories.html?.tsrc=bell-brknews
  15. C'Mon Folks , I know that there are more like minded folks in the 740 Area Code than this !! Hell ,Fairfield County alone should have at least 100 members by now we need a BIG recruitment drive ! This damn virus BS has me worried , I dont know why I expected us to be better than this !! The BS w/ the TP was an eye opener , well at least for me it was seeing as how that one of my weak spots in my prep supplies lol I got caught with my pants down so to speak lol Hopefully this Flu has at least woke people up and they want to learn to fend for themselves a little better , I for one believe we are better together as a like minded community than all alone and out of touch like some of us are ! Everyone needs to recruit for the 740 ACM !!! I wouldnt mind a get together as soon as the weather clears up a bit ! a meet up for a weekend would be cool , we could do it somewhere on someones property or a state park that allows camping and campsites something like that would be cool or meet up at a rifle range or somewhere we can blow off some steam lol !! would be great to put a face with the names behind the keyboards ! Tom

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